Is the TSA Too Big?

As many of you know the TSA is a thorn in the side of many Americans.  They claim to have value and a legitimate function in airport safety.  Ok, fine, let’s suppose they do offer a level of safety when it comes to the airports.  Let’s suppose they are hard working people with your and my safety in mind.  Let’s suppose they’ve never rifled through someone’s luggage stealing electronics or groped some elderly woman who was just trying to get home.  Let’s suppose TSA is actually needed for the airports to run safely.  Where in all the airport stuff that involves TSA is there something at all that gives jurisdiction over other parts of our lives and infrastructure?  There is no Congressional mandate, to my knowledge, or law that gives TSA expanding powers.

VIPR Teams hit the roads.

TSA’s Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR) teams are hitting the highways and byways in search or terrorists, drug dealers, and well…. you.  I’m not saying that you’re a target of the TSA, that last part was a joke…. kinda.  Although there are too many people in this country for TSA, or any federal agency, to keep tabs on everyone, there are those in our population that draw the attention of federal agents.

Truck drivers make up a pretty sizable portion of the road population and they are the primary target.  Most truck drivers I’ve met are good people working to put food on the table for their families.  There is a small percent of them carrying drugs, illegal immigrants, terror related items and people.  There’s a small percentage of cops, committing crimes, too.  Point is, you cannot assault the rights of the many to catch the few.

It is my understanding that the VIPR teams will soon be able to pull over private vehicles for random searches.  If that is true, then we have officially entered into a police state.  That’s a scary thought.

TSA gropes the elderly, scans the military, and lets the bad guys through.

You read correctly.  You’ve heard on the news about the defenseless little old woman that was stripped down to her skivvies and searched.  Or the woman dying of cancer trying to get home humiliated by some TSA agent.  It’s enough to make you sick.

Military are also TSA targets.  Not because they’re afraid the soldiers will blow something up, but because the soldiers don’t complain.  They see it as Uncle Sam giving orders and soldiers follow orders.  They let the bad guys through because the bad guys complain and raise hell when they get stopped.  No one wants to offend the terrorist and be called a racist or a profiler.  Profile and violate the rights of some elderly passenger or a member of our military?  Ridiculous.  Let the Middle Eastern guy go through because he’s going to complain about being stopped?  Then you get the underwear bomber or some other attempt at killing Americans.  Not saying that all Middle eastern people are terrorists, don’t get your panties in a wad.

The point of this article

Be on the look out.  One day you may find yourself being pulled over only to see your 4th Amendment rights violated by some punk civilian brown shirt kid who thinks he’s a real cop.  Be alert and ready to defend your rights before they’re taken away.

To answer the question

Yes, the TSA is too big and getting bigger.  We need Congress to strip down TSA to a bare essentials type of agency.


One Comment to “Is the TSA Too Big?”

  1. Congress is to big and full of themselves to do anything…

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