Malia Obama & Friends in Mexico for vacation?

This is a country that our government tells us to stay out of.  They have good reason.  It’s dangerous as hell down there with the drug cartels and violence and such.  So why is President Obama ok with sending his little girl down there with some of her classmates and 25 Secret Service agents?  People say to leave the kids alone.  If the tax payers weren’t footing the bill for her little vacation, I’d agree.  But we are paying for it.  It is our tax dollars that’s being used to send this kid to a country that our State Department says is too dangerous for ordinary citizens to go to.  So the President’s daughter goes down there?

Now, my question is why are all websites and bloggers taking down the story.  Are they being bullied?  Is it based on the tradition that you just don’t report on that sort of thing.  You know, she’s not the president, she’s a child.  However, she’s gone to a dangerous place on tax payer dollars.

What the hell is this country coming to when people put up stories and then are made to take them down?  This isn’t simply something like a bunch of reporters just coincidentally taking down stories.  Someone’s behind this and the government has to stop bullying news outlets and bloggers.

Remember the 1st Amendment?  We do. 

We tend to remember all of them.



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