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30 April, 2012

Defending Michael Behenna: American Hero

For those of you outside the state of Oklahoma, you may have not heard of 1st Lt Michael Behenna of the US Army’s 101st Airborne Division.  This is a story of injustice that needs to be told.  This story needs to be told over and over again until this patriot and hero is released and his honor restored.

In 2008, Lt Behenna was ordered to return an Al Qaeda operative to his home after interigation about suspected terrorist operation in the area.  Behenna was attacked by this piece of dirt and he ended up killing his prisoner in self defense.  This is nearly a month after Behenna’s buddies were attacked leaving 2 US soldiers dead and 2 more wounded.

In March of 2009, the US Army convicted Lt Behenna for the murder of Ali Mansur, the Al Qaeda operative that he had just questioned.  See the Defend Michael website for the entire story.  He was sentenced to 25 years in prison, which was later reduced to 15 years.

Below is a brief recap of Lt Behenna’s case.  I copied this directly from the Defend Michael website.

  • September 2007: 1LT Michael Behenna deployed to Iraq for his first tour of combat.
  • April 21, 2008, Al Qa’ida operatives attacked LT Behennaʼs platoon. The
  • IED attack resulted in the death of two of LT Behennaʼs platoon members, two Iraqi citizens, and wounded two additional soldiers under LT Behennaʼs command.
  • May 5, 2008: Based on information from US Army intelligence, LT Behenna’s platoon detained known terrorist Ali Mansur at his home for the attack on LT Behennaʼs platoon. Mansur had illegal weapons and a passport indicating trips to Syria.
  • May 16, 2008: Without explanation, Army Intelligence ordered the release of Mansur.
  • LT Behenna, who lost two members of his platoon just weeks earlier, was ordered to transport Mansur to his home.
  • LT Behenna attempted a final field interview of Mansur prior to his release.
  • During the interview, Mansur attacked LT Behenna, and LT Behenna reacted to defend himself by firing two shots which killed Mansur.
  • July 2008: The U.S. Army charged LT Behenna with premeditated murder for the death of the Al Qa’ida operative and terrorist Ali Mansur
  • February 23, 2009: 1Lt. Behennaʼs trial begins.
  • Defense experts testify that Mansur was standing with his arm outstretched when shot.
  • On the evening of February 25th, prosecution expert witness Dr. Herbert MacDonell told the prosecution attorneys the only logical explanation for what happened was that Mansur had to be standing, reaching for LT Behennaʼs gun when he was shot. This contradicted the prosecution’s theory that Mansur was executed while seated on a rock.
  • On February 26th LT Behenna testified that while he was interrogating Mansur he turned his head towards his interpreter, and when he did, Mansur lunged for his gun. The LT fired a controlled pair of shots. This explanation was identical to what Dr. MacDonell told the prosecution team in a private meeting the night before.
  • During a recess after 1LT Behennaʼs testimony, Dr. MacDonell met with the prosecution team and told them again that the LT’s testimony was exactly what he had demonstrated to Prosecutors the day before and that the LT must be telling the truth. The prosecutors sent Dr. MacDonell home to New York. Leaving the courtroom, Dr. MacDonell told defense counsel he would have made a great witness for LT Behenna.
  • The defense counsel asked prosecutors if they have any exculpatory evidence about Dr. MacDonell, and the prosecutors denied possession of such evidence.
  • In the prosecution’s closing arguments they argued LT Behennaʼs testimony that Mansur was reaching for his gun was “impossible” based upon the evidence (despite knowing that their own expert witness had told him it was the only logical explanation.)
  • Later that Friday night a military panel of seven officers, none of whom had combat experience, convicted LT Behenna of unpremeditated murder and assault.
  • After LT Behenna was convicted, but before sentencing, Dr. MacDonell sent an email to the prosecution team requesting that the information provided in his demonstration be turned over to the defense.
  • A mistrial was requested by the LT’s defense counsel, but on March 20, the military judge denied both defense motions to declare a mistrial and to order a new trial.
  • LT Behennaʼs attorneys are appealing the verdict based on the denial of a fair trial. An oral argument has been scheduled before the highest military court – The Court of Appeals of the Armed Forces – on 23 April 2012 in Washington D.C.
  • LT Behenna is currently serving a 15-year sentence in Ft. Leavenworth (the original 25 year sentence was reduced five years by the commanding General of 101st Airborne and the Army Clemency Board reduced it another five years.) The earliest he would be eligible for parole is after serving a third of his sentence. Without parole or a new trial Lt. Behenna will get out of prison for the shooting an Al Qaeda terrorist in self-defense when he is 40 years old.

According to a source close to the case, Ali Mansur was deceptive throughout the entire interegation process.   Why the command would order the release of a known terrorist who is unwilling to cooperate is beyond me.

Now, I have a question.  Why is an American soldier being treated this way and the “rights” of a known terrorist who kills Americans being protected?  Even if this wasn’t a case of self-defense, this man probably saved countless American soldiers’ lives by committing what the command called murder.  However, according to his family and expert witness Dr. Herbert MacDonell (he was an expert witness for the prosecution) this would have been a self-defense killing.  How was the prosecution able to pull this off?  Why did they have such a hard on to convict an American hero?  Trying to make a name for themselves, maybe?  Any of us in the military or civil service know that politics play a big role in promotions.

Now, the same source that told me Ali Mansur was deceptive clued me in on a few things, as far as why the prosecution was so zealous in this case.  After the Haditha and Abu Ghraib scandals, the US government wanted to assure the Iraqi leadership they would prosecute any crimes committed by US service members.  This was an attempt to get the Iraqis to sign the Status of Force Agreement (SOFA), which they did in November 2008.

Now I do not personally know anyone involved in this case, but I have been following it for a couple of reason.  One, the accused is an Army Ranger, and two, it seems he comes from a great family from what I gather reading and listening to interviews.  This is a major miscarriage on the justice system.  While our politicians are going around touting their achievements and why we should vote for them, none of them have spoken publicly about this or any similar cases in which our service men and women are unjustly accused and convicted of crimes based largely, I think, on political correctness and selfish promotion.

A Mother’s Fight

Assistant United States Attorney Vicki Behenna is Lt Michael Behenna’s mother.  She is leading the fight to clear this hero’s name and restore his freedom.  This family is obviously a close one that cares deeply for each other.  This is the type of family that every American family should be.

Now, most of you know my political leanings.  I do not know this family’s political leanings, but as I say on my show is that I don’t care what someone’s politics is.  What I care about is their constitutional rights and to make sure they aren’t violated.

Well, it looks as if Lt Behenna’s rights were violated.  You see, he wasn’t given a proper trial before a jury of his peers.  He is waiting on a decision from a panel of military judges to decide if this trial was done incorrectly.  This doesn’t mean freedom yet for Michael, but it is a start in the right direction.

Prayers and Support for Lt Michael Behenna

Please join me in praying for justice for Lt Behenna and his family.  You see, injustice like this doesn’t just affect one person; even if it did, we need to fix it.  It affects us all.  If the government can do this to one man, think what they can do to any of us they don’t like for whatever reason.  There are countless people sitting in prison right now for defending themselves.  What do they expect us to do?  Let our assailants kill us so that they may be prosecuted?  Right.  Need to see more?  Look at John McNeil.  This man was convicted of murder for defending his son and home before Georgia’s Stand Your Ground law.  The point is, this isn’t the first case in which a good man has been wrongly convicted.  We, as American citizens, cannot let this go on.  Write your Congressional representatives and Senators, your governor, you local media.  Tell them about the about the injustice levied against an American hero.  Don’t let up.  Keep the heat on and lets give this man his freedom and give this family their son back.

The Leavenworth 10

Lt Behenna is part of a group known as the Leavenworth 10.  This is a group of soldiers and Marines convicted of following orders and defending our country from terrorists.  These are men that few of us will ever be able to hold a candle to.  Read about them here and here to read more about them.

For anyone to be treated as these men have been is a shame; a black mark, on our country.  Political correctness and overly restrictive rules of engagement are to blame here.  All too often, our soldiers and Marines get shafted because of some whiny politically correct sack of crap decides he doesn’t like is going or they have some political agenda.

Get involved people, lets help this story have a happy ending.  Comment or email me with suggestions on how we can help Lt Behenna and the other men in the Leavenworth 10.

To Write to Lt Behenna

Send books, money orders and your letters of support to:

Michael Behenna #87503

1300 N. Warehouse Road

Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027-2304

24 April, 2012

From The Blaze: Are We Headed Toward the Constitution or the Communist Manifesto? This Breakdown Tells You

This is  taken directly from the BlazeI felt it was important enough for you to see it and really read.  Really make sure you understand it.  If there is one thing I really like about The Blaze its the fact they are willing to give you the story straight without all the crap from the left.  It’s straight forward, accurate, and well thought out.  Thank you, Glenn Beck, for doing what you do for the country.

By Tiffany Gabay

During his Thursday morning radio broadcast, Glenn Beck asked if America, on its current trajectory, is headed toward the values and principles of the Constitution, or rather, those of the Communist Manifesto.

To glean greater insight, The Blaze expanded on each of the Manifesto’s 10 planks and juxtaposed them with modern day American society. The picture revealed, while perhaps not shocking, is unsettling to say the least.

The Communist Manifesto

10 Tenets of The Communist Manifesto Manifested in American LifeConsidered the playbook, the framework, the founding document of Communism, it is argued that no other political volume has altered the course of history more than Karl Marx and Friedrich Engel’s tiny yet effective blueprint for the proletariat.

Commissioned by the Communist League, Marx and Engels laid out their analysis of capitalism and class struggle while supposedly offering economic and socio-political “solutions” rooted in what they called science. While every instance of Communism attempted around the globe has since failed abysmally and without exception, proponents still cry that Marx’s inviolable political and economic theories were simply “improperly executed” and thus, if true to the Manifesto, Marxism is, in itself, “perfect.” A little known fact, however, is that these champions’ premise is based on a flawed narrative, as Karl Marx in fact falsified much of the data he used to support his untenable political and economic system. Of Marx’s flagrant disregard for the facts, British philosopher Anthony Flew wrote:

…the first and only volume of Das Kapital to be published in the lifetime of Marx was, in his own words, to demonstrate that “In proportion as capital accumulates, the lot of the labourer must grow worse. Accumulation of wealth at one pole is at the same time accumulation of misery, agony of toil, slavery, ignorance, brutality, mental degradation at the opposite pole.” But by 1867, when that volume was first published, Marx had known for 15 or more years that this thesis was false.

Flew continued that Marx’s response was “merely to suppress the falsifying data.” This was manifested in the first edition of Das Kapital where “various available British statistics—about the reliability of which there was no question—were given up to 1865 or 1866, whereas those for the movement of wages stop at 1850.” In Kapital’s second edition, however, according to Flew, all subsequent runs were “brought up to date, while that of wage movements still stops at 1850.”

While clearly not a “man of science,” nor one who held facts in high regard, generations of leftists take the words of Karl Marx as absolute truth, and indeed, the gospel. Below are the tenets they seek to live by, as mapped out in his “magnum opus.”

1. Abolition of private property

The first plank of Communism is the abolishment of private property. America is certainly here in terms of eminent domain, where the state has the ability to expropriate private property “for the public good.” Per the Fifth Amendment, the government must fairly compensate a citizen in return, but lines tend to blur when the government is given the authority to assess what is “fair and just” in the first place. Regardless of whether the final sum is one agreeable to the private citizen, the property will still be confiscated with or without the owner’s consent.

Typically, land or property acquired through eminent domain is used to house public works that are10 Tenets of The Communist Manifesto Manifested in American Life intended to benefit the community such as public utilities, freeways, libraries and schools. It is a slippery slope, however.  After the Supreme Court’s ruling in Kelo v. City of New London, the scope of eminent domain was expanded outside its traditional boundaries to include revitalizing “depressed areas.” In other words, in the spirit of gentrification or regeneration, a citizen’s private property can be seized by the government to build a sports complex, or even a shopping mall if the state deems it a public good.

Another example of government encroachment on citizens’ private property is evident in the far-reach of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSE) that buy mortgages on the secondary market.  If a citizen’s mortgage is held by one of these government-backed giants, Uncle Sam is entirely “too close to home.”

Interconnected is property tax. Simply, if one is subject to property tax, then the land or property being taxed doesn’t actually belong to the “owner.” Fall behind on these payments and the government will  seize a citizen’s home, business or land, regardless of whether his or her mortgage is paid in full.

10 Tenets of The Communist Manifesto Manifested in American LifeHomes are not the only area subject to government encroachment, however. In fact, Uncle Sam owns roughly 650 million acres of land across the 50 states — with its highest ownership stake (85%) in Nevada.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) also has the authority to seize private property during “emergency” situations.




2. Heavy progressive income tax

This particular tenet needs no introduction, nor example. America now holds the world record for highest corporate tax rate, surpassing even Japan. This is a crucial plank of the Manifesto, as it ensures that nary a high income earner will remain standing and everyone may subsist in equal mediocrity or (worse).

Ironically, Communists bang on incessantly about “equality” when in fact a flat-tax is arguably the fairest system of all and one that would, by design, ensure “from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.” If a 10% flat tax were implemented, then 10% of a $5,000 income would amount to far less than 10% of a $500,000 income. Thus, those who make more money, still pay more. Alas, that is certainly not the way Marx would have portrayed it. Nor is it the way the current administration seems to see it given the president’s renewed push to instate ”The Buffett Rule,” which seeks to raise the income tax rate on high income earners — including small business owners — even higher than it is now.

Regardless, whether one is subject to a flat or a progressive tax system, a foreboding and omnipotent force looms dangerously over the American ether: The IRS. Fail to pay your “fair share,” and you will soon learn of the government’s ultimate power — to freeze your bank accounts, seize your property, penalize and, in some instances even imprison you. There is perhaps no greater example of a Marxist economic policy in action than this.

3. Abolition to all rights of inheritance

One of the many stark contradictions found in the Manifesto is outlined in this particular pillar. What was most ironic about Marx’s desire to abolish inheritance was that, if he had his way, citizens would not own anything of value to bequeath upon death in the first place. Nonetheless, his odd and arguably redundant tenet has worked its way into the American landscape via the estate tax — and its very alias, the “death tax.”  This alone should raise eyebrows, if not outright suspicion of government’s dubious motives.

First, many argue the estate tax is unconstitutional because it creates a direct tax that is not disbursed to the states for collection. But the more obvious discrepancy is that it allows the government to tax individuals twice, as the items that find their way into one’s estate — be they a car, house, land, jewelry or other valuable possessions — have already been subject to either sales or property tax once before. The Federal government’s carte blanche to double-dip is spurred further by Democrats’ renewed push to resurrect and expand what the Wall Street Journal dubs President Obama’s “night of living death tax.”

With the staggering rate applied to estates worth over $5 million, citizens may soon wonder why it is worth the bother to spend a lifetime building a personal or business empire to pass down to their children and grandchildren at all. By the second generation, there would be nothing left.

4. Confiscation of property of all emigrants & rebels

This Manifesto pillar is perhaps best laid out in the recent string of government crackdowns on “homegrown militias.” Those who have paid careful attention to Janet Napolitano know that one of Homeland Security’s preoccupations of late has been the “rise” of “homegrown militias.” With this in mind, the department is likely honing in on anyone considered an “opposition group,” be they merely survivalists or those with a more militant bent.

Some may recall the Michigan militia, or ”Hutaree,” as they are known — a group of anti-government “rebels” who were allegedly engaged in preparations for a potential future clash with federal agencies. The defendants were accused of conspiring to overthrow the U.S. government, a planned assassination of a police officer, and an ambush of that officer’s funeral with explosives in order to incite an uprising against the Federal government. While the anticipated attack never actually occurred, this did not stop the Feds, under the blessing of Attorney General Eric Holder, from raiding the Hutaree’s various outposts, confiscating its members’ arms and waging an all-out legal battle against the group.

At the end of March, 2012, presiding U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts dismissed the most serious of the charges against the Hutaree, leveling a staggering blow to the Fed. She said the members’ hatred of government did not amount to a conspiracy to overthrow it.

It remains unclear whether the Hutaree were indeed poised to be the aggressors of a violent assault or if they were simply anti-big-government, “good ol’ boy“ survivalists preparing to ”defend themselves” against a perceived government threat. But the Federal agencies’ indictment of the group perhaps reveals how government will deal with homegrown “threats” — be they real or perceived — moving forward.

Another key element, and one that warrants mention due to its relevance in modern day America, is10 Tenets of The Communist Manifesto Manifested in American Life the confiscation of citizens’ weapons. Those who have felt their Second Amendment rights slowly whittle away understand that disarming the public is a crucial step vital to ensuring the state’s grip over its citizenry.  In fact, one of the first tasks performed by the then-fledgling Soviet state was the confiscation of citizens’ private arms — even hunting rifles. By stripping people of the ability to defend themselves, the authoritarian state could reign over the vulnerable Russian populace. Many Americans consider this a highly plausible reality given increasingly stringent gun laws and regulations spread across all 50-states.

It should also be noted that IRS liens, levies and seizures are all means by which the Federal government can confiscate a “rebel” entity’s assets — one instance being the recent IRS “shakedown” of Tea Party members.  And, in terms of “emigrants,” taxing the off-shore income and assets of American citizens, or causing Americans to give up their U.S. citizenship and flee to foreign lands to avoid abusive U.S. taxes, is yet another means by which the Fed’s confiscatory, overreaching tentacles are changing the American landscape.  Statistics point out a rising trend…

5. Centralization and monopolization of credit by means of a national bank 

10 Tenets of The Communist Manifesto Manifested in American LifeCreated by Congress in 1913, the Federal Reserve is, for all intents and purposes, America‘s national bank charged with setting the monetary policy that controls the nation’s economic stability. The Federal Reserve holds the power to guide interest rates, thus controlling inflation. The effects of this agency’s actions are felt in measurable ways by everyday Americans, every day. From the interest rate accrued to mortgages and other lines of credit to determining the value of one’s home, it is both the seen and unforeseen reach of this institution that sets the tone for Americans’ financial security.

On the grander scale, the Federal Reserve has the more sinister power of devaluing U.S. currency, and thus the value of goods, services and property, via “quantitative easing,” or, as it is affectionately dubbed, printing money.

“One of the fundamental problems with the U.S. economy right now is the Federal Reserve thinks the answer to all our economic problems is printing money,” said the Wall Street Journal’s Stephen Moore. “We haven’t created new jobs from all of this printing of money, but what we have produced is inflation in prices.”

6. Centralized control of communication & transportation

a) Transportation

The ways in which the Federal government controls America’s communication and transportation systems are almost too vast to count, but a few shining examples stand out. In terms of transportation, the Interstate Highway System, the Federal Aviation Authority and the Department of Transportation are of course the most obvious government bureaucracies controlling the country’s means of transport. Less-obvious, perhaps, is Amtrak, a government owned corporation and essentially the only passenger rail carrier in the country. Indeed the railroad industry’s metamorphosis from a private enterprise to a nationalized entity perhaps tells the greatest tale of the insidious ways in which the Federal government appropriates what it wants, when it wants.

In the first half of the 20th century, the U.S. rail industry enjoyed what many called it’s “Golden Age.” But the once flourishing U.S. rail industry’s day in the sun was eclipsed when the Fed introduced a “rate-10 Tenets of The Communist Manifesto Manifested in American Lifesetting” scheme by which rail carriers were forced to adopt. The result was a decrease in profits, decrease in rail system growth, decrease in investments and an increase in labor costs. Not surprisingly, this had the reverse effect than that intended by the Fed when it first set rail carrier rates. After World War II the industry was in steady decline and by the 1960s service had degenerated to such a degree that the U.S. government formed Amtrak. The obvious lesson here is that if government can destroy an industry to such a degree that that industry’s only means of survival moving forward is through nationalization, there is no reason to think it couldn’t just as easily happen to a commercial air carrier, for example, or any other privately held mode of transportation.

As mentioned above, air traffic, ground traffic and maritime traffic via the nation’s port authorities are all overseen and subject to take-over by the government should FEMA deem a state of emergency.

b) Communication

Presently, when it comes to communication, conservatives argue that nothing screams of Marxism louder than the Federal Communications Commission and Obama’s appointment of its “Chief Diversity Officer,” Frank Lloyd.

10 Tenets of The Communist Manifesto Manifested in American LifeOne of the administration’s many “czars,” Lloyd was a senior fellow at the progressive think tank, Center for American Progress, where he authored a June 2007 report titled, ”The Structural Imbalance of Political Talk Radio.” The content may point to Lloyd’s intentions when it comes to silencing voices of opposition, and many conservatives believe that Obama’s “Diversity Czar” intends to revive the Fairness Doctrine.

For those unfamiliar, the Fairness Doctrine, adopted in 1949, obligated broadcasters to provide opposing points of view on issues of national importance regardless of actual market demand for the content. Media Research Center’s Setton Motley said, if reinstated, caps would be placed on local and national ownership of commercial radio stations; local accountability over licensing would be ensured; and those not in compliance would be subject to paying a fee to support public broadcasting. As it stands, the FCC already levies heavy regulations on broadcasters and monitors all communication aired across radio and television waves.

Looking forward, another impending threat can be found in the current struggle for control over the Internet. Currently, the World Wide Web is controlled by the U.S. government via the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and its subsidiary, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). Both are under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

There has been a growing push, however, for America to relinquish its control in the name of a world “without borders,“ or ”one world government.” Countries like China and Russia, in particular, have vied for control, doggedly pursuing the United Nations for assistance in breaking the U.S. stronghold.

If the U.N.’s International Telecommunication Union (ITU), along with its nearly 200 member state allies were to take control of the levers, cyber security and data privacy would be subject to international control.

While even in the land of the free no information received or transmitted over the Internet escapes the prying eyes of Big Brother, it goes without saying America’s First Amendment rights still ensure a far more liberated information superhighway than the one that would exist under the reins of a dubious global body formed by the U.N. and led by China and Russia. Meanwhile, the entire global economy hangs in the balance.

7. Government ownership of factories 

In terms of government owned factories, few could ever forget “Government Motors.” After nearly $53 billion in bailout funds over the course of two administrations, the U.S. government now owns a controlling stake in GM, raising the obvious question of how government can fairly regulate its own business.  While GM asked the government to intervene, and while Amtrak was instead a victim of a federally-engineered scheme, both are examples of how government assumes control of private enterprise. Typically, it is the American taxpayer who fails to reap the dividends and becomes the victim of these machinations.

8. Equal liability of all to labor

The first thought which springs to mind when reading the Manifesto’s tenet on equal labor is the overriding presence of labor unions within the U.S. workforce. While labor unions in and of themselves are not nationalized organizing bodies, they have enjoyed a long and harmonious relationship with government, particularly through the progressive policies and lawmakers that prop up their various agendas. In fact, there may be no brighter an illustration of socialism manifested than the collective organizing body of America’s labor unions. Although subject to regulation and oversight by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), unions still overwhelmingly support Democratic candidates, thus a cycle of quid pro quo is perpetuated.

Another example of government control in the workplace emerges via the Labor Department’s Affirmative Action policies. By mandating that employers meet a staff-quota comprised of women, minorities and people with disabilities, private business is being forced to relinquish its ability to hire on the basis of merit, thus failing to deliver excellence and best practices. While many women, minorities and those with disabilities do indeed possess the skill sets needed to succeed in a specific job, it should, critics argue, be left to private enterprise to determine which candidate is best suited for the task at hand.

9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), a government owned corporation, has been hailed a prime10 Tenets of The Communist Manifesto Manifested in American Life example of true socialism in America. It is the country’s largest public power company, with a generating capacity of 31,658 megawatts. Its 17,000 miles of transmission lines deliver power through 158 locally owned distributors to 8.5 million residents of the Tennessee Valley. While even Republicans, for the most part, consider TVA to be a success, its case is considered unique in that the government model has never been able to be successfully duplicated along any other State waterway.

Agricultural subsidies are another prime example of this Manifesto plank in motion. An extensive analysis conducted by the CATO Institute determined that, when it comes to corporate welfare no one has reaped a greater windfall, or hurt taxpayers more than the “supermarket to the world,” Archer Daniels. An excerpt from the report reads:

ADM and its chairman Dwayne Andreas have lavishly fertilized both political parties with millions of dollars in handouts and in return have reaped billion-dollar windfalls from taxpayers and consumers. Thanks to federal protection of the domestic sugar industry, ethanol subsidies, subsidized grain exports, and various other programs, ADM has cost the American economy billions of dollars since 1980 and has indirectly cost Americans tens of billions of dollars in higher prices and higher taxes over that same period. At least 43 percent of ADM’s annual profits are from products heavily subsidized or protected by the American government. Moreover, every $1 of profits earned by ADM’s corn sweetener operation costs consumers $10, and every $1 of profits earned by its ethanol operation costs taxpayers $30

Aside from being incongruent with the free market, the nation’s agricultural subsidies cost tax payers tens of billions of dollars each year and typically only benefit larger farming outfits.

On the flip side, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is placing greater and greater restrictions on business in the form of cap and trade and in mandating the purchase of carbon credits.

10. Free education for all children in government controlled schools

What can be said of America’s beleaguered public education system could fill volumes, yet one needn’t look far to pluck one or two prime examples as proof that there are indeed no “free lunches.”

The Blaze recently uncovered a series of reports revealing what happens when a bureaucrat decides that the school district, along with its unionized faculty members, know better about a child’s needs than his or her parents do. Whether the control comes via mandating  a child’s school lunch box contents, or altering the Pledge of Allegiance to omit the phrase “one nation under God,” or subjecting students to inadequate instruction from a teacher solely on the basis of that teacher’s tenure – a teacher who cannot be fired or replaced — the public school system is, arguably, setting up generations for failure.

Free medicine…the 11th tenet?  

10 Tenets of The Communist Manifesto Manifested in American LifeWhile not addressed specifically in the 10 tenets of the Communist Manifesto, national health care is perhaps — at least in modern day America — “the key to the empire.” It is why the fate of Obamacare is of utmost importance to the left. If passed, it sets precedent by establishing the “new normal” in government authority over private citizens. Legal experts and pundits alike have consistently argued the unconstitutionality of the health care bill, underscoring its significance as a “gateway” to other forms of government intrusion.

The bill’s unconstitutionality is irrelevant to those who, while claiming to champion the founding document, appear to be working to dismantle it.

Some balk at the use of the word “Communism,” dismissing its invocation as hyperbole. Yet when dissecting actual policies, laws, regulations and bureaucratic government approaches which Americans are increasingly subjected to, and weighing them against the 10  progressive “rules to live by,” the facts scream loudly and clearly in the face of those who deny the ever-creeping onset of Socialism.  Marx’s Communist “utopia” is only one evolutionary stage away from reality.

[Editors Note: These are but a few examples of how Manifesto tenets are reflected in modern American life and is of course, not a complete list.]

23 April, 2012

Liberal Fallacies and Why They Don’t Work

This article tackles the liberal policies of the left and why they don’t work.  As a Libertarian, I will gladly support a liberal policy that works and is Constitutional.  However, the fact of the matter is that liberal policies generally just do not work.  We will cover topics such as affirmative action, socialized medicine, animal rights, taxes, social programs, and other liberal policies.

Affirmative Action… Really?

Like most liberal policies, Affirmative Action was intended to create more racial diversity in the education system and the workplace.  The problem is that the policy put quotas on racial admission and hiring processes.  For example, your local state university has to admit a particular amount of minority students to every 10 or 100 white students.  Now, while I am for racial equality and equal opportunity, I am not in support of forcing schools and employers to hire specific people based on ethnicity.  It is simply racist.  It also hurts the future of our nation as a whole.  Think about it; your local state university has admitted 100 white students, 90 Asians, and 75 black students.  They have one spot left in a class.  A black applicant is accepted to the school because of affirmative action, however his entrance scores were lower than the white and Asian applicants.  I’m not saying that blacks are any less intelligent than other races.  I simply had to choose one and that’s what I chose.  My point is that affirmative action doesn’t do anything good for the country as a whole.  It breads resentment and anger.  Brings accusations that someone was promoted/hired/accepted because of their race.  It robs minority people, who may very well be qualifed, of their acievement by discrediting their work claiming they were handed the opportunity rather than they worked for it.

Socialized Medicine

You know this as Obamacare.  Not only is it wrong to demand that people buy a particualr product or face penalties, but it is utterly unconstitutional.  On top of that, the program is also a drain on the American economy and the it will create more government spending when the nation simply cannot afford it.  The estimate for the cost has already doubled from what they initially said it would cost.  The left seems to think money grows on trees and that we can keep borrowing money for everything, then make our children and their children pay for it.  Oh… wait…. its not that simple.  The debt run up by Obamacare will cost the US so much that, combined with other annual borrowing, it will likely never be paid off and the nation will go bankrupt within the next 10 years.  At that point, it will be up to our kids and their kids to completely rebuild our economy.  What kind of people work to make their children worse off than the parents?  Just look to Washington DC to see who.

Aminal Rights

Now, I do not like cruelty to animals, but I’m not going to consider anything like policies that ban hunting, fishing, and the like.  This is a liberal ideal that basically says they have the same right to live as we do and that we should leave them alone.  Who has more the right to live between wolves and deer?  Should we tell the wolves to stop killing and eating deer?  Right. 

If we don’t hunt, then the populations become too large and starvation becomes problematic.  So does disease and widespread ecological destruction.  So controlling the population of wild game is extremely important.  People on the left tend to let their emotions overwhelm any sense of logic.

The Tax Man Cometh

So the liberals want to raise the taxes on the weathly and punish people for being driven to create wealth.  They want to punish people who invent and capitalize on their work.  They say that’s not true, but just look at their trend and actions. 

First off, the rich already carry the majority of the tax obligation.  In fact, its the vast majority.  When taxes are raised, business slows or stops hiring in many cases.  In other cases, the business begin to lay off or fire people.

Secondly, the wealthier Americans are the ones who create jobs and build businesses.  How many of you have worked for a poor person?  If you have, you didn’t get paid and I feel for ya because you got screwed.

When the taxes go up, we all feel the pinch.  There is no such thing as a tax that only affects a particular segment of out population; trickle down economics tells us that.  So does common sense.

Go Socialize!

So everyone wants a social program to help something they care about.  Have you seen how much money the US spends on social programs?  Many of which are practically duplicates of other programs.  There is way too much time and money spent on these programs that basically makes people slaves to the government.  They make us dependent on the federal government for too much creating a nanny state.

It’s simple.  If you have someone giving you money and providing for your needs, what incentive do you have to go work?  None.  Then these people get angry when they don’t get what they feel they deserve.  Well, most of them have received a ton more than what they deserve.

Other liberal policies such as most environmental and financial regulation just goes overboard to make themselves look like they care.  I find it funny that the left cares more about some damn fish than they do about a human life.  Save the fish, kill the unborn; these people make no sense to me.  Then they get on to the conservatives about the death penalty and claim its the same.  It is not the same.  The death penalty is to punish someone guilty of capital crime; an aborted baby did nothing wrong.

The next time some congressman comem out with a feel good bill of some sort, ask yourself why do they want to make something else illegal.  Look into the bill and see what it’s really about.  Who will benefit from this bill?  In it really necessary?  What have we done before the bill was there?  Were we ok or was life just too hard?  Think people, think.

III% Forever

21 April, 2012

Why Are We Still in the UN

When I think of the UN, I think of a defunct and corrupt non-functioning organization that is a drain on American resources and a threat to American sovereignty.  I think of a body that has too much power over world policies and cultural practices, especially industrialized western countries.

Scandals, corruption, mismanagement, and denial of national sovereignty are just a few of the problems facing the UN.  They created the state of Israel in 1948 to give displaced Jews a home after WWII, but now they overtly conspire against them.  They allow bigots and racists to run international programs making aggressors into victims, allowing more crimes and armed conflict.  The UN says they want to protect and help people, but their actions suggest otherwise.

Recent UN Scandals

We’ve all heard about the UN’s oil-for-food scandal that was all over the news several years ago.  Basically, this started as a way for the UN to provide food, medicine, and other necessities to the people of Iraq.  Saddam Hussein was still the dictator and the people were suffering.  The UN would allow Iraq to sell a set amount of their oil.  The profits were to be used for food, medicine, and other basic needs for the population.  The problem was that too many people were interested in those profits.  Politically connected insiders got rich, including the Secretary-General’s son.  We will likely never know the truth of how deep and wide-spread the corruption went and those involved will likely never be punished.

What about the sexual abuse at the hands of UN Peacekeepers on UN missions in Bosnia, The Republic of Congo, Haiti, and Uruguay.  The people attacked were the very people the “Peacekeepers” were supposed to protect.  Now while the UN has trained their troops not to do these things, the organization refuses to investigate and pursue the accused.  This has been a problem for at least 16 of their peace keeping missions around the world.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the decades of financial mismanagement and fraud.

National Sovereignty

One thing the UN is not about is national sovereignty. If you doubt that, look at the UN’s Agenda 21.  You can also look into their plan to tax industrialized nations.  Another sign that shows where the UN stands on our sovereignty is the recent case in Texas.  Texas was about to execute a convicted murderer, Humberto Garcia Leal.  This man was an illegal immigrant from Mexico, as well.  The UN claims that since the man was a Mexican citizen, he should have had consular advice and privileges.  The funny part of that is that if the roles were reversed, and an American were accused of murder in another country, there would likely be no consular privileges.  The UN sets a double standard between the wealthier countries and the poorer ones.  The US puts more money into the UN than anyone else; they even have their headquarters in the US.  The UN rents the space and, according to several media outlets like Fox News and CNN, they are behind on their payments.

Why is the UN still Pretending to be Viable?

We all know they are not a viable any longer.  They went the way of the League of Nations long ago.  The UN has nothing to offer the United States any longer except for being the largest charity in the world.  While some of their missions may be well intended, the most of them seem to be politically motivated and rarely do what they intended in the beginning.  can you tell me the last UN program that actually benefited the intended party as it was supposed to?

The UN stonewalls auditors and investigators, refuses to release financial records, appoints corrupt people to positions of power, and putting nations in charge of programs and committees that they themselves violate.  For example, putting Iran on the council that oversees women’s rights in the world.

The UN is a paper tiger that can’t even give paper cuts.  In fact, they’re a wet paper tiger.  They have no teeth, but plenty of ways to screw the US and our allies out of money and resources.

What Should the US Do?

It’s simple.  Get the US out of the UN and get the UN out of the US.  We do not need them.  They definitely need us and they should be grateful that we are still involved.  Some people say that the US is kind of a guard keeping the UN decent, but they do not listen to us; they do not respect us.  What do we get for the millions upon millions of dollars we invest in the UN? We get a voice that is largely ignored.  The UN’s silence on their many failures is deafening.  It’s time to get out.  It’s time to tell the UN to leave US soil and we need to become more isolationist.  Not completely, but more that direction.  We need to become more self-reliant in our food production, energy, materials, and consumer products.  Buying American and using American energy and food will help our economy thrive and we won’t necessarily be so prone to economic fluctuation when the rest of the world has their highs and lows.  It could result in the US not being the richest in the world, but we likely wouldn’t have the inflationary, economic, and employment problems we’re facing now.

19 April, 2012

Oklahoma City Bombing Anniversary

It is super quiet in my office today.  I work in a federal agency in the federal building that replaced the Murrah building after Tim McVey bombed it  in 1995 and killed 168 Americans.  I remember that day like it was yesterday, but I didn’t work in civilian government at the time.  I just remember it.  There are several people in my office who were in the bombing and remember it quite well.  Maybe that’s why it’s so quiet here today.  They’re remembering all the friends they lost in the explosion.  They’re remembering how vulnerable we are to terrorism.  They know that no matter how good the security is, there are still ways around it.

Seventeen years ago today at 9:02 am, 168 people, including 19 children were killed in a terror attack that was, at the time, the biggest terrorist attack on US soil.  Regardless of your political views, attacking people in that manner is wrong. This type of thing does nothing good for the patriot movement, at all.  It only makes us look like right-wing nut jobs.

That’s the problem we, as three percenters and preppers, face just about everyday.  The fact that most of us identifiy as Libertarians makes people think we’re part of the fringe right. 

Thruth is, however, that we’re none of those.  Libertarians and preppers actually try to just make sense of the world around us in the most basic terms.  Prepare for what may come – common sense; that’s our prepper side.  Our Libertarian side in it’s most basic sense says to govern the nation by the constitution, not what politically biased judges may say, or what lobbyists may do, or what a group of legislaturers think.  If it violates any of the Bill of Rights, it shouldn’t be done.

Tell me, what are your thoughts on how we are viewed by main stream media and the public?  I know that most people don’t think anything odd about me, until they hear the word “Libertarian” come out.  They don’t even seem to mind the prepper thing.  I find it kind of funny.

18 April, 2012

Ted Nugent a Presidential Assassin? – Hardly!

So, Uncle Ted (not my uncle, but I wish he were) rails against the leftist agenda of the Obama Administration and the DNC gets all up in arms.  Then the Secret Service gets involved over his statements?  This is BS.  Total BS!  If you look at his entire statements, you’ll see political rhetoric and his support for the 2nd Amendment.  However, the Dems cut and spliced his statements and made it into a threat.

I say screw Obama and his Secret Service bullies.  This president has turned out to be the biggest bully we’ve had since Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus during the War of Northern Aggression (Civil War).

Leave Ted Nugent alone.  He was exercising his 1st Amendment in defense of the 2nd and now Obama’s thugs are investigating him.  What a load of partisan BS.  Seriously, Barack, tell your thugs to back off.  As far as I’m concerned, Ted is one of the greatest rockers ever.  His political views just add to his awesomeness.

What kind of country are we living in…

When we cannot freely speak out against our government without them coming knocking at our door?  When we can’t discuss political items and have discourse or dissent without legal action being taken against us.  Folks, we are living in dangerous times and our government, the same government that’s supposed to be “for the people, of the people, by the people,” is violating our rights everyday.

I would vote for Ted as our president.  I would love to see the man run in 2016 and help the III%ers save our republic.  Remember, if they’ll screw with a celebrity like Ted Nugent, they’ll screw with you.  Fight on!

III% Forever.

God Bless the USA and Ted Negent.

17 April, 2012

Sleazy People and Welfare Abusers

Ok, so you’ve all heard about the Secret Service Scandal and, I’m sure you’ve heard, that the case is expanding.  Well, we are now at 21 men and 21 hookers.  10 of the guys were military personnel.  All I can say is “wow!”  Regardless of who our president is or how we feel about him, risking his security in that manner is utterly irresponsible.  The 21 men involved in this, if they’re guilty, are sleaze ball losers.  On top of that, they all made the US look bad with their indiscretions.

Yay , Yay GSA!

Back stateside, the GSA has embarrassed the US by abusing their power and spending like drunken sailors and then making jokes about it.  These are people trusted with public funds to do the right thing.  Instead, they go on a spending spree and then make fun of the very people they’re supposed to be serving!  People need to be fired over this stuff.  Oh yeah, guess what else.  The managers involved are still being paid!  And when the Obama Administration found out about these shenanigans they still paid the dumb asshat a bonus and then blamed Bush!

They bypassed the laws about their spending taxpayer money on food so much, they make jokes about it.  I think they deserve jail time, just like our next guest (read below).

All quiet on the welfare front…

Well, not really.  So this girl in Michigan won a state lottery.  Amanda Clayton, 26, won $1,000,000 and took the $700,000 lump payout before taxes.  Lucky her, right?  Talk about luck, this girl was on welfare, getting food stamps and state medicaid.  Now, I figure that after taxes she got somewhere between $350,000 and $400,000.  She dumbass decided to stay on welfare and take advantage of the taxpayers in her home state!

Now she’s looking at 4 years in prison for welfare fraud.  Her excuse, you may ask?  “I thought that they would cut me off, but since they didn’t, I thought maybe it was OK because I’m not working.”

What about responsibility?  Why do people always think they can get out of trouble by claiming they didn’t know?  She knew!  She’s full of crap.  She’s just trying to get out of trouble.  4 years in prison being Big Bertha’s girlfriend sounds about right.  She should also be banned from receiving benefits ever again.

14 April, 2012

‘Allegations of Misconduct’: 12 Obama Secret Service Agents Relieved of Duty in Prostitution Scandal

This post was copied directly from The Blaze

CARTAGENA, Colombia (AP) — A dozen Secret Service agents sent to Colombia to provide security for President Barack Obama at an international summit have been relieved of duty because of allegations of misconduct.

A Secret Service spokesman did not dispute a tip received by The Associated Press that the misconduct involved prostitutes in Cartagena, Colombia, the site of the Summit of the Americas.

A U.S. official, who was not authorized to speak publicly on the matter and requested anonymity, put the number of agents at 12. The agency was not releasing the number of personnel involved.

The Washington Post reported that Jon Adler, president of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, said the accusations related to at least one agent having involvement with prostitutes in Cartagena. The association represents federal law enforcement officers, including the Secret Service.

Ronald Kessler, a former Post reporter and the author of a book about the Secret Service, told the Post that he had learned that 12 agents were involved, several of them married.

The incident threatened to overshadow Obama’s economic and trade agenda at the summit and embarrass the U.S. The White House had no comment.

Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan would not confirm that prostitution was involved, saying only that there had been “allegations of misconduct” made against Secret Service personnel in the Colombian port city hosting Obama and more than 30 world leaders.

Donovan said the allegations of misconduct were related to activity before the president’s arrival Friday night.

Obama was attending a leaders‘ dinner Friday night at Cartagena’s historic Spanish fortress. He was due to attend summit meetings with regional leaders Saturday and Sunday.

Those involved had been sent back to their permanent place of duty and were being replaced by other agency personnel, Donovan said. The matter was turned over to the agency’s Office of Professional Responsibility, which handles the agency’s internal affairs.

“These personnel changes will not affect the comprehensive security plan that has been prepared in advance of the president’s trip,” Donovan said.


Associated Press writer Frank Bajak contributed to this report

Now my take…

What the Hell?  These guys are there to protect the president and represent the US.  What an embarrassment!  Asshats!  I mean, why do these people think they can go to other countries and do stupid stuff like that?  Have some pride, you numb nuts.

Want to see who is responsible for exposing the SS?

This is the escort/prostitute/hooker/whatever you want to call her that exposed the Secret Service’s scandal.

14 April, 2012

North Korea

There’s not a whole heck of a lot I can say here that you probably don’t already know.  North Korea’s leader is a numb nut who even looks like he should ride the short bus.  He goes around touting his new missile project as a great technological advancement for the country and it breaks apart a minute after take off.  I wonder if those scientists and engineers are going to be punished.  I hear they have resorts in NK just for people the Communist party doesn’t like too much.  I would imagine Kim Jong Un isn’t too happy with those guys right now.

News broke a few days ago that they have all these concentration camps in NK.  They put people that speak out, have different political views, or are just undesirable in these labor camps and make them work themselves to death.  Some of the people are just put to death regardless.

This is a country in which the government watches everything.  If you’re a foreigner, you have an escort called a “handler.”  You’re shown only the good parts of the country, or the facade of good parts of the country.

We should consider ourselves lucky to live in a country such as the United States.  Think of the type of people it took to fight off the tyranny of the British government.  How many other countries can we compare to the US  that came from the same struggle?  None.  We are the only country that was founded as we were and remained basically the same for as long as we have.  Rome started as a group of small monarchies, as did most other old world countries.  Other countries tried to fight for independence, but we no new countries founded as a democracy or democratic republic.

Let’s look at the US now…

I am not saying that the US is NK, by any stretch of the imagination, but….  look at some of the recent actions of our government.  I want you to read this article about what what Homeland Security is doing.  My question is why does DHS need over 2700 MRAPs?  I can understand having a few… kinda.  Actually, what does Homeland Security need MRAPs at all?  Those are for COMBAT!  Seriously, what do they need combat vehicles for?  You can’t tell me that they need mine resistant combat vehicles inside the US.  On top of that, Homeland Security just bought 450 million rounds of .40 S&W hollow points.

Does this mean that we’re headed down the same road as NK?  No, it doesn’t.  It means, however, that the federal government is playing a dangerous game.  That along with the drones the feds are testing here in Oklahoma to, supposedly, monitor the US borders.

Soooo…. the NK government watches their people, our government watches us. Hmmmm…….

Thoughts?  Let me know!

12 April, 2012

What was Behind the Murder Charge Against George Zimmerman?

What is the real reason George Zimmerman has been charged with 2nd degree murder?  You’re going to notice that the main stream media will use this to show the man’s guilt before he even gets to trial, but lets look at the situation as a whole to see whether he should have been charged or if this is all political.

So as the story goes, from what I’ve heard, goes a couple of ways.  the first story I heard was that George Zimmerman approached Trayvon Martin and asked why he was in the neighborhood; since this was a young black kid, he didn’t belong there and was subsequently shot and killed.  The other story starts out much the same way, but takes a turn when Martin attacks Zimmerman, beating his head on the concrete.  The result was Zimmerman shooting in self defense.

What story do you believe?  I don’t personally know anyone involved in the altercation.  I don’t know anyone who knows anyone who was involved. Therefore, your guess is as good as mine.  However, when you start to look at the story with a critical mind from both sides, you can come to some conclusions. 

911 Call

While it is becoming more common for murderers to call 911 and make the attack look like self defense, the majority of them do not call in.  They run away.  George Zimmerman called in and gave all the information needed so the police would know he was the shooter and why.

Race Baiting

Soooooo……  NBC plays the 911 tape and you hear Zimmerman say “Fking coon,” or at least that’s what they wanted you to think.  They also altered the call audio to make it sound as if Zimmerman were a racist.  Well, the “coon” statement was debunked as him saying its “fking cold” as it was an unusually chilly night and when you listen to the entire 911 audio, you’ll notice the racsim isn’t there.

Why did NBC do this?  Was it a leftist agenda? An attempt to drive ratings and sensationalize the story?  Notice how they gave free publicity to the New Black Panthers bounty on Zimmerman, but they failed to talk about the crime they had committed in this ordeal… offering the bounty was a crime.

Police video

The fuzzy video from the police department that showed Zimmerman uninjured was later enhanced for a clearer picture.  What happens next?  The video clearly shows Zimmerman with injuries to his face and head.

Checkered Past

Zimmerman is no angel, he has been noted to have an attitude problem at times and was asked to leave school for it, while, to my knowledge, Martin has never been in any trouble.

Special Prosecutor Angela Corey

Who is Angela Corey?  Is she some over-zealous attorney looking to make a name for herself?  Is she looking to get a TV show?  Hardly, on both questions.

She is known as a no-nonsense career prosecutor. 

She spent 25 years as an assistant state attorney before being named State Attorney of the Fourth Judicial Circuit in Northeast Florida in 2008.

She has prosecuted 65 homicide cases and enjoys a reputation as a tough conservative in and out of the courtroom. She’s also someone used to public pressure, prosecuting people when she feels charges are warranted and not just based on if she can win the case.  So political pressure is not likely to be much of an influence on her decision to prosecute Zimmerman.

A graduate of the University of Florida Law school, Corey was born and raised in Jacksonville. Active in Republican Party politics she was the ideal choice for Gov. Rick Scott to take over the case.

Raicial Tensions and Constituional Violations

The New Black  Panthers Party is out there running around offering a bounty of George Zimmerman’s head.  They’re out there calling for bloodshed and violence.

Then you have the Neo-Nazi movement there in Florida basically countering the NBP.  They’re talking about arming up and patroling the streets.

The only thing I have to say is this is the last thing we need.  We already have enough problems with race being an issue anytime a minority is victimized by a white person.  We don’t need racist groups such as the New Black Panthers or the Neo-Nazis out there causing more problems. 

Federal Involvment?

Now that the charges have been filed against George Zimmerman, AG Eric Holder has decided to look into whether the federal government should file federal charges based on hate crimes.  Well, let me tell you, if the roles were reversed, you would probably have never heard of this story and the AG would have no interest in being involved.

There should be not federal involvement here at all.  I knew this was going to happen when Obama said “he could be my son.” Not that Obama was claiming to be the father so don’t take it out of context.  Nevertheless, we saw this one coming.

Land of Laws

This is a land of laws, not a land of special priviledges for a select few.  Why is it the New Black Panthers can offer up a bounty, Spike Lee can give out what he thought was Zimmerman’s address, but anyone else is a criminal for such actions?  Race and politics.  If these people were non-black, and especially if they were conservatives, they would be in jail already.

People, our country is in trouble and all you have to do is what this case from multiple angles to see it.  The Obama Administration has become involved and is working to divide us more.  They did the same thing with that professor and police officer. 

Tell the feds to stay out, as this is not their deal and they are in violation of the 10th Amendment unless the states GIVE this right to them.

Note: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

I don’t think cases such as this were delegated to the US by the staes.  It appears they are just trying to put their boney fingers where they’re not wanted.

While I’m not defending Martin, I’m also not defending Zimmerman.  We’ll have to wait to see all the facts and make a judgement.  Hopefully, you’ll make a judgement, as I hope the jury will, based on the facts and not the color of someone’s skin or political pressure brought on by racist groups. 

Did I clear anything up for you or are the waters as muddy as ever?


10 April, 2012

Water Retaining Gardening – Hoogaculture

Well, I think that’s how it’s spelled, but either way here’s what it is and how it can help you.

Have you ever had a garden that just kept drying out and dying off?  Not enough water retention in the soil? Try this out:

  • Dig a hole where you plan to garden and dig it pretty deep.  Say 4 to 5 feet deep if you can.
  • Throw logs into the hole, filling it about half way. 
  • Fill the dirt back in and fill the hole

I know this sounds like a crazy thing to do, but follow me here.  When you put your plants in the ground and water them the first time, make sure you give them lots of water.  The water will seep into the ground and permeate the logs.  The logs act as a sponge and will slowly release water back into the soil as the ground dries.

But what happens when the wood breaks down and rots?  Well, for about the first year, the logs will break down, taking a lot of the nitrogen from the soil, so plant things that add nitrogen to the soil like beans.  Stay away from nitrogen hogs like corn.

The next year, the wood will still be there and will still act as a sponge, but it won’t deplete the nitrogen in the soil so you can grow pretty much anything there.

You won’t have to water it as often as the wood keeps a steady flow of water back into the soil until it dries out and you should see deeper root systems and more lush vegetation.

9 April, 2012

Is Miracle Whip Socialist?

Miracle Whip has a new cause… Socialism.  Or, at least, it appears that way.  Think it’s a joke?  Click on the picture to go to Miracle Whip’s site.

Miracle Whip has long made debatable marketing decisions, many of them just flat-out lame.  However, why would Miracle Whip’s maker, Kraft Foods, support a movement that is anti-Capitalism?

What kind of company goes and aligns themselves with enemies of our very way of life?  What kind of company says “screw you, America, with your apple pie, rock and roll, and baseball” and expects the people to just stand by?  Apparently, Kraft does.  I wonder how many people noticed the symbolism?

I say we boycott all Kraft foods where we can.  I will no longer buy Miracle Whip and that’s a shame… I really like it.  However, I like my freedom and liberty more.

Kraft Food’s Brands are:

Alpen Gold
Cadbury Creme Egg
Capri Sun
Carte Noire
Cheeze Whiz
Chips Ahoy!
Club Social
Cool Whip
Côte d’Or
Cracker Barrel
Crystal Light

Cadbury Dairy Milk
General Foods International
Grand Mere
Green & Blacks
Hollywood Gum
Honey Maid 
Oscar Mayer Lunchables
Maxwell House
Miracle Whip
Nabisco 100 Calorie Packs
The Natural Confectionery Company
Nutter Butter
Oscar Mayer
Stove Top
Wheat Thins
I know its a long list, but we’ve gotta hit them where it hurts; the wallet.
III% Forever
3 April, 2012

Obama Bullying Again?

I wanted to take a break from the Bill of Rights Series to look at part of our legal system.  Lets discuss the checks and balances part.  In the past, peopel have generally liked when Supreme Court judges become activists in their favor.  However, not when the judges are opposed to the parties idea or policy.  When the Supreme Court sides with Obama, he likes them.  When he belives they are not siding with him, he chides them.

In the latest ordeal between the Obama Administration and the Supreme Court comes ObamaCare, offically called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).  The Supreme Court is deciding the constitutionality of the law.  While Obama publically says all is good, he obviously has some fears.  He has started attacking the Supreme Court for being activist judges.  He is now warning “unelected” Supreme Court judges not to strike down his mandate. 

That seems to be the same type of stuff he does anytime anyone doesn’t agree to follow him like cattle to the slaughter.  This is nothing new for the Obamanator either.  He bullied Congress of the Defense of Marriage Act, telling the US Attorney’s Office to stop defending it. 

Some people applauded it, mostly gays and liberals, but the fact remains that it is still a law.  The US Attorney’s Office should defend it.  They should defend it with vigor right up until the point it stops being law.

Let’s not forget the whole Fast and Furious fiasco either.  Although it is not Obama himself, it is his administration that is corrupt and trying to cover it up.  Good ol’ Eric Holder works for Obama, remember?

Time and time again, President Obama has talked about going around Congress.  He’s even made statements that work would be easier for him if Congress wasn’t in the way. 

That’s what it’s there for.  That’s why we have the judisial branch, too.  Checks and balances, yet this president seems to think the country is ripe for the “changing.”

This is a time when we need to fight back.  Elect those who will stand up to this bully and fight for the population.  We have to support causes that promote our rights.  We have to stand up and be heard.  Don’t let the supressors win.  Don’t let this bully take our country away from us. Push back and push back harder than they can.

I’d rather die on my feet, than live on my knees.

III% Forever.

1 April, 2012

This Woman and Others Like Her Want to Disarm You

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas)

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas)

I know she looks like a clown and to some people clowns are funny, to other people clowns are scary.  Well, this clown is scary as Hell.  I know there are plenty of clowns in Congress… on both sides of the isle, but this is ridiculous.  I mean, really?  Could she try a little harder not to look like a damned Pop Tart?  Anyway, it’s not her clown costume that irritates me, so much as it is her reactionary attempt to disarm the American public along with her friends in the Congressional Black Caucus and other liberal Democrats.

Studies have shown, time and time again, that gun control and strict gun laws lead to more violence.  Why?  Because the law abiding public gives up their guns and the criminals don’t.  The criminals know this and become emboldened.

Now, Ms. Jackson Lee and her buddies want to end laws that allow you to defend yourself from a violent attacker.  Why? So the police can get there minutes after you’ve been shot?  For the love of God, what part of this do they not understand?  Do they not know the history of gun control in the US?  Lets get a little history lesson, shall we?

No guns for the Negroes…

In the late 1790s through about 1810,states really began to prohibit blacks from carrying firearms.  The white population was afraid of what would happen if blacks had weapons.  Blacks were even barred from learning fencing!  I mean with swords, not putting up fences.  Not even free blacks were allowed to carry firearms and were prohibited from doing jobs that required them to carry, such as law enforcement.  Even if in the military!

Restrictions against blacks carrying firearms was intensified in 1831 after Nat Turner’s Rebellion.  Blacks, in some parts of the country, were even prohibited from owning dogs without a license, as the whites thought the dogs could be used as a weapon.

Now tell me why it is that any black person would want to see gun control?  And these things happened all over the US, not just in the South.

Statically speaking…

Statistically speaking, you are more likely to be robbed, assaulted, killed, and so on by a black man.  Especially, if you are black, too.  I know this sounds like a racist statement to make, but stay with me here.  The point I’m trying to make is that law abiding blacks should be for less gun control.  All law abiding citizens should be for less gun control.  Hell, the only gun control they should support is a steady hand.

All kidding aside, for any black readers I may have, don’t fall into this BS trap that was started as a racist way to keep you in line, so to speak.  It angers me to no end to see someone as successful as Ms. Jackson Lee make such idiotic remarks.

Know guns, know rights; no guns, no rights

If we are disarmed as a people, regardless of what town, city, state, part of town, or whatever we live; we have just allowed the government to take away our rights.  People who give up their rights for security, have neither.

Lets say that all guns are just erased from our country.  No one, not even the criminals, can get them.  Guess what, they’ll get us with knives and bats.  Are we going to ban them too?  No more cut meat or baseball?  what about your car?  cars have been used as weapons for decades.  Are we to ban them?

To put it bluntly, you’re not getting my guns.  I will fight to the death to defend the rights of the American people.  You can’t let a tragedy like Tayvon Martin’s death divide us.  Especially when there are so many questions unanswered.  For all we know, Zimmerman may have been assaulted.  Maybe he is the victim and the media and the left are working to divide this country more.  We don’t know the story yet.  It could have gone either way.  There are witnesses attesting to both sides.  If Zimmerman is guilty of killing Martin in cold blood, I hope he rots in prison.  If Martin attacked Zimmerman, then he took that chance and got his just desserts.

How this plays into your prepping…

Keep a firearm handy.  You never know when you’ll need to defend yourself.  Vote for and support all Pro-2nd Amendment bills and organizations.  Make sure you know how to use your weapon to defend yourself and your family.  I do.  Do not let the enemies of liberty make you think you are wrong for standing up and demanding your rights.  This is America.  Act like it.

God gave you rights, don’t let man take them away.

If you have a tip on a story of violations of any part of the Bill of Rights, email me.  We’ll get it published once we get all the info needed.

I’d rather die on my feet, than live on my knees.

III% Forever.

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1 April, 2012

Don’t Forget to Promote the 2nd Amendment and All Your Other Rights Too

Click here to see firearms and other gear for sale and trade in your local area.  I love this site.  It’s called Armslist. It’s basically a Craigslist for guns and ammo.
While you’re at it, join the NRA, GOA,and the  JPFO.

Go read up on the stories at Freedom Fighter Radio, Drudge, and Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government, God rest his soul.

As always, I’d rather die on my feet, than live on my knees.

III% forever.


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