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14 April, 2012

‘Allegations of Misconduct’: 12 Obama Secret Service Agents Relieved of Duty in Prostitution Scandal

This post was copied directly from The Blaze

CARTAGENA, Colombia (AP) — A dozen Secret Service agents sent to Colombia to provide security for President Barack Obama at an international summit have been relieved of duty because of allegations of misconduct.

A Secret Service spokesman did not dispute a tip received by The Associated Press that the misconduct involved prostitutes in Cartagena, Colombia, the site of the Summit of the Americas.

A U.S. official, who was not authorized to speak publicly on the matter and requested anonymity, put the number of agents at 12. The agency was not releasing the number of personnel involved.

The Washington Post reported that Jon Adler, president of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, said the accusations related to at least one agent having involvement with prostitutes in Cartagena. The association represents federal law enforcement officers, including the Secret Service.

Ronald Kessler, a former Post reporter and the author of a book about the Secret Service, told the Post that he had learned that 12 agents were involved, several of them married.

The incident threatened to overshadow Obama’s economic and trade agenda at the summit and embarrass the U.S. The White House had no comment.

Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan would not confirm that prostitution was involved, saying only that there had been “allegations of misconduct” made against Secret Service personnel in the Colombian port city hosting Obama and more than 30 world leaders.

Donovan said the allegations of misconduct were related to activity before the president’s arrival Friday night.

Obama was attending a leaders‘ dinner Friday night at Cartagena’s historic Spanish fortress. He was due to attend summit meetings with regional leaders Saturday and Sunday.

Those involved had been sent back to their permanent place of duty and were being replaced by other agency personnel, Donovan said. The matter was turned over to the agency’s Office of Professional Responsibility, which handles the agency’s internal affairs.

“These personnel changes will not affect the comprehensive security plan that has been prepared in advance of the president’s trip,” Donovan said.


Associated Press writer Frank Bajak contributed to this report

Now my take…

What the Hell?  These guys are there to protect the president and represent the US.  What an embarrassment!  Asshats!  I mean, why do these people think they can go to other countries and do stupid stuff like that?  Have some pride, you numb nuts.

Want to see who is responsible for exposing the SS?

This is the escort/prostitute/hooker/whatever you want to call her that exposed the Secret Service’s scandal.

14 April, 2012

North Korea

There’s not a whole heck of a lot I can say here that you probably don’t already know.  North Korea’s leader is a numb nut who even looks like he should ride the short bus.  He goes around touting his new missile project as a great technological advancement for the country and it breaks apart a minute after take off.  I wonder if those scientists and engineers are going to be punished.  I hear they have resorts in NK just for people the Communist party doesn’t like too much.  I would imagine Kim Jong Un isn’t too happy with those guys right now.

News broke a few days ago that they have all these concentration camps in NK.  They put people that speak out, have different political views, or are just undesirable in these labor camps and make them work themselves to death.  Some of the people are just put to death regardless.

This is a country in which the government watches everything.  If you’re a foreigner, you have an escort called a “handler.”  You’re shown only the good parts of the country, or the facade of good parts of the country.

We should consider ourselves lucky to live in a country such as the United States.  Think of the type of people it took to fight off the tyranny of the British government.  How many other countries can we compare to the US  that came from the same struggle?  None.  We are the only country that was founded as we were and remained basically the same for as long as we have.  Rome started as a group of small monarchies, as did most other old world countries.  Other countries tried to fight for independence, but we no new countries founded as a democracy or democratic republic.

Let’s look at the US now…

I am not saying that the US is NK, by any stretch of the imagination, but….  look at some of the recent actions of our government.  I want you to read this article about what what Homeland Security is doing.  My question is why does DHS need over 2700 MRAPs?  I can understand having a few… kinda.  Actually, what does Homeland Security need MRAPs at all?  Those are for COMBAT!  Seriously, what do they need combat vehicles for?  You can’t tell me that they need mine resistant combat vehicles inside the US.  On top of that, Homeland Security just bought 450 million rounds of .40 S&W hollow points.

Does this mean that we’re headed down the same road as NK?  No, it doesn’t.  It means, however, that the federal government is playing a dangerous game.  That along with the drones the feds are testing here in Oklahoma to, supposedly, monitor the US borders.

Soooo…. the NK government watches their people, our government watches us. Hmmmm…….

Thoughts?  Let me know!

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