Oklahoma City Bombing Anniversary

It is super quiet in my office today.  I work in a federal agency in the federal building that replaced the Murrah building after Tim McVey bombed it  in 1995 and killed 168 Americans.  I remember that day like it was yesterday, but I didn’t work in civilian government at the time.  I just remember it.  There are several people in my office who were in the bombing and remember it quite well.  Maybe that’s why it’s so quiet here today.  They’re remembering all the friends they lost in the explosion.  They’re remembering how vulnerable we are to terrorism.  They know that no matter how good the security is, there are still ways around it.

Seventeen years ago today at 9:02 am, 168 people, including 19 children were killed in a terror attack that was, at the time, the biggest terrorist attack on US soil.  Regardless of your political views, attacking people in that manner is wrong. This type of thing does nothing good for the patriot movement, at all.  It only makes us look like right-wing nut jobs.

That’s the problem we, as three percenters and preppers, face just about everyday.  The fact that most of us identifiy as Libertarians makes people think we’re part of the fringe right. 

Thruth is, however, that we’re none of those.  Libertarians and preppers actually try to just make sense of the world around us in the most basic terms.  Prepare for what may come – common sense; that’s our prepper side.  Our Libertarian side in it’s most basic sense says to govern the nation by the constitution, not what politically biased judges may say, or what lobbyists may do, or what a group of legislaturers think.  If it violates any of the Bill of Rights, it shouldn’t be done.

Tell me, what are your thoughts on how we are viewed by main stream media and the public?  I know that most people don’t think anything odd about me, until they hear the word “Libertarian” come out.  They don’t even seem to mind the prepper thing.  I find it kind of funny.


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