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23 April, 2012

Liberal Fallacies and Why They Don’t Work

This article tackles the liberal policies of the left and why they don’t work.  As a Libertarian, I will gladly support a liberal policy that works and is Constitutional.  However, the fact of the matter is that liberal policies generally just do not work.  We will cover topics such as affirmative action, socialized medicine, animal rights, taxes, social programs, and other liberal policies.

Affirmative Action… Really?

Like most liberal policies, Affirmative Action was intended to create more racial diversity in the education system and the workplace.  The problem is that the policy put quotas on racial admission and hiring processes.  For example, your local state university has to admit a particular amount of minority students to every 10 or 100 white students.  Now, while I am for racial equality and equal opportunity, I am not in support of forcing schools and employers to hire specific people based on ethnicity.  It is simply racist.  It also hurts the future of our nation as a whole.  Think about it; your local state university has admitted 100 white students, 90 Asians, and 75 black students.  They have one spot left in a class.  A black applicant is accepted to the school because of affirmative action, however his entrance scores were lower than the white and Asian applicants.  I’m not saying that blacks are any less intelligent than other races.  I simply had to choose one and that’s what I chose.  My point is that affirmative action doesn’t do anything good for the country as a whole.  It breads resentment and anger.  Brings accusations that someone was promoted/hired/accepted because of their race.  It robs minority people, who may very well be qualifed, of their acievement by discrediting their work claiming they were handed the opportunity rather than they worked for it.

Socialized Medicine

You know this as Obamacare.  Not only is it wrong to demand that people buy a particualr product or face penalties, but it is utterly unconstitutional.  On top of that, the program is also a drain on the American economy and the it will create more government spending when the nation simply cannot afford it.  The estimate for the cost has already doubled from what they initially said it would cost.  The left seems to think money grows on trees and that we can keep borrowing money for everything, then make our children and their children pay for it.  Oh… wait…. its not that simple.  The debt run up by Obamacare will cost the US so much that, combined with other annual borrowing, it will likely never be paid off and the nation will go bankrupt within the next 10 years.  At that point, it will be up to our kids and their kids to completely rebuild our economy.  What kind of people work to make their children worse off than the parents?  Just look to Washington DC to see who.

Aminal Rights

Now, I do not like cruelty to animals, but I’m not going to consider anything like policies that ban hunting, fishing, and the like.  This is a liberal ideal that basically says they have the same right to live as we do and that we should leave them alone.  Who has more the right to live between wolves and deer?  Should we tell the wolves to stop killing and eating deer?  Right. 

If we don’t hunt, then the populations become too large and starvation becomes problematic.  So does disease and widespread ecological destruction.  So controlling the population of wild game is extremely important.  People on the left tend to let their emotions overwhelm any sense of logic.

The Tax Man Cometh

So the liberals want to raise the taxes on the weathly and punish people for being driven to create wealth.  They want to punish people who invent and capitalize on their work.  They say that’s not true, but just look at their trend and actions. 

First off, the rich already carry the majority of the tax obligation.  In fact, its the vast majority.  When taxes are raised, business slows or stops hiring in many cases.  In other cases, the business begin to lay off or fire people.

Secondly, the wealthier Americans are the ones who create jobs and build businesses.  How many of you have worked for a poor person?  If you have, you didn’t get paid and I feel for ya because you got screwed.

When the taxes go up, we all feel the pinch.  There is no such thing as a tax that only affects a particular segment of out population; trickle down economics tells us that.  So does common sense.

Go Socialize!

So everyone wants a social program to help something they care about.  Have you seen how much money the US spends on social programs?  Many of which are practically duplicates of other programs.  There is way too much time and money spent on these programs that basically makes people slaves to the government.  They make us dependent on the federal government for too much creating a nanny state.

It’s simple.  If you have someone giving you money and providing for your needs, what incentive do you have to go work?  None.  Then these people get angry when they don’t get what they feel they deserve.  Well, most of them have received a ton more than what they deserve.

Other liberal policies such as most environmental and financial regulation just goes overboard to make themselves look like they care.  I find it funny that the left cares more about some damn fish than they do about a human life.  Save the fish, kill the unborn; these people make no sense to me.  Then they get on to the conservatives about the death penalty and claim its the same.  It is not the same.  The death penalty is to punish someone guilty of capital crime; an aborted baby did nothing wrong.

The next time some congressman comem out with a feel good bill of some sort, ask yourself why do they want to make something else illegal.  Look into the bill and see what it’s really about.  Who will benefit from this bill?  In it really necessary?  What have we done before the bill was there?  Were we ok or was life just too hard?  Think people, think.

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