AZ Sheriff Candidate Dead! And Guess What…

No, That’s not Larry the Cable Guy. It’s Neo-Nazi JT Ready

He was a Nazi!  JT Ready was found dead after a shooting at his girlfriend’s home in Gilbert, AZ yesterday.  It is what appears to a murder-suicide that resulted in the deaths of 4 adults and a 2-year-old child.

This guy has been a thorn in the side of the Patriot movement for quite some time and, as bad as it may sound, it’s probably a good thing he’s gone.  This guy was a white-supremacist that started militias and border guards as a way to “ensure” a white America.

The former marine was open about his dreams of a white-only America and was a featured speaker at many Neo-Nazi rallies.

“Lets face it – we are it,” Ready recently posted on Facebook according to MyFoxPhoenix. “SEALs and SF are not stepping up to the plate to train American patriots to defend their homeland. We have traitors in office, an apathetic population, hostile media, narco-terrorists, cartel invasion, narco-insurgency, street gangs the size of armies, vicious prison gangs – if not fight back now while we have a chance then when?”

Lets break that down a bit.  This country was not started as a socialist country.  It was started as a country that gave freedom.  He referred to himself and his Nazi friends as patriots when they’re actually nothing more than terrorists and thugs.  They’re no better than the street gangs they talk about hating.  It is my view that you cannot be a patriot and a socialist at the same time in this country.  If you are a socialist, you are a traitor to the very people of this great nation.

Ready’s campaign is blaming the killings on a drug cartel.  I highly doubt it.  I’m sure ol’ JT walked in and killed everyone and then himself.  While I have no proof of that being the case, I’d be willing to bet money that the story comes out that way.  His campaign will counter the story and allege media bias or some conspiracy.

You see, people, neo-Nazi movements like JT Ready’s do nothing good for the prepper/patriot movement.  They claim to be the good guys, yet they’re so full of hate toward people not like them.

The Problem with the American Nazi Movement

Just go look at sites like The American Nazi Party, Stormfront, and others.  You can Google them if you want to see who they are.  I won’t give their links or actual web addresses out.  I don’t believe they deserve the attention, to be honest.  However, that’s up to you to decide.

American neo-Nazis are known to attack and harass Jews, African Americans, homosexuals, Asian Americans, Latinos, Arab Americans, Native Americans, and people with different political or religious opinions. American neo-Nazi groups often operate websites, occasionally stage public demonstrations, and maintain ties to groups in Europe and elsewhere.

Basically, all they care about is that you’re 18 (for political registration), white, and believe in racially pure, socialist America.

Eulogy for JT Ready

I got nothin’ here for the guy.  I’m sorry you put your family and those of your victims through the pain you did.  I’m sorry you were a poor excuse for a patriot and I’m truly sorry you confused Nazism for patriotism.

May God have mercy on your soul, you’re gonna need it after what you’ve done.


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