Militarization of the Police Forces

We’ve all seen our local police, especially in bigger cities, with armored vehicles, automatic weapons, and now drones.  Now, the drones aren’t new, as you probably know.  Homeland Security has MRAPs, a combat vehicle intended for use in armed conflict.  Why?  That’s a huge freakin’ deal!

Miami police, Houston police, among other departments are now using drones that can see you from way up in the air making very little noise.  These departments have tried to keep these new toys under wraps.  Why do they need them?  Why do local police even have them?  Something’s up.  You cannot tell me that they care that much about us that they would use these things to save our lives.  Look, folks, these are used to spy on us; look for certain kinds of people’s behaviors; watch the population in general.  It’s simple and to the point. 

These drones can also be used to stun or taze people, supposedly.  We all know they’ve been used to kill enemy comabants… even an American citizen accused of terrorism.  No capture and trial, just kill the guy.

Police have done joint exercises with the military around the country; training for God-knows-what.  They walk around acting like they control all.  People get arrested for pointin their finger at the cops or talking back when the cop tells them to shut up.

Seriously, what’s up?  Is there some sort of federal push for more control, knowing the American public would never stand for actual military patrolling our streets and making arrests?  Don’t get me wrong, there are good cops out there.  I met one in Oklahoma City the other day.  Super nice guy, just wanted to make sure a kid was safe that was yelling for help.

I have run into other cops in the past that were nothing but douche bags, too.  I’ve met several that were way too cocky to wear a badge and gun.  This ties into the militarization of their departments how?  Easy, the mentality will let them comply with new federal rules that make them a part of the federal occupation force.  This also ties into the UN’s Agenda 21; the FEMA map that divides the US into 12 provinces; the Obama appointed governors of those provinces; the erosion of our rights almost daily; various executive orders that erode our sovereignty and give it to a world governing body, the UN; look it all up.

People, we need to fight back now.  We don’t want to wait until it’s too late and we have to resort to violence.  I’d much rather be vocal now and not have to defend my land in armed conflict, than wait too long and the the sheeple wake up when it’s too late.


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