Zero-Tolerance Fails Again

An Indiana high school student who brought a stun gun to school to ward off bullies faces expulsion after he says he brandished the weapon last month while he was being confronted by classmates.

“I raised it up, and then I pushed the button twice,” Darnell Young, 17, a student at Arsenal Tech High School in Indianapolis told He told the station he thought he was about to be jumped.


“I would never apologize for defending my child when the school wouldn’t.”

– Chelisa Grimes, Young’s mother


Young says he’s been bullied for a while at the school. He says he’s been called gay slurs and has been the target of thrown bottles and rocks. The bullying has gotten so bad, Young says he considered killing himself.

Young’s mother, Chelisa Grimes, told the station that she armed her son with a stun gun after complaining to school administrators several times about the bullying.

“I would never apologize for defending my child when the school wouldn’t. My child has the right to go to school and feel safe,” Grimes told the station.

The incident that got Young in trouble reportedly occurred on April 16. He says he was surrounded by a group of teens in a hallway. He says he brandished the weapon and  was eventually placed in handcuffs and removed from class. He has already been suspended and could be expelled under the district’s zero-tolerance weapons policy.

The decision for his expulsion is likely to be handed down Tuesday. The district did not have a comment for 

I found this story on and thought to myself, while this isn’t a political story really, it needs to be told.

Zero-Tolerance is simply an over reaction to everything.  In the case of this kid, his mother told him to carry the stun gun to defend himself.  When the bullies surrounded him, he showed he was armed and got into trouble.  Nowhere in the story does it say the bullies got into trouble.  They probably did, but just minimally. 

The reason zero-tolerance fails is that it doesn’t take into account things like this.  Where a teen boy is bullied and needs help.  The school has failed to help him and his mother can’t be there with him all the time to protect him; nor should she be.  She came up with a much better solution than the kids committing suicide or taking a real firearm to school.

It is painfully apparent the boy has been bullied for quite some time and I find it hard to believe the school, or at least the teachers, didn’t know anything about it.  Maybe they should be looked at for their actions… rather, lack of action. 

Where’s the zero-tolerance for the punks going around bullying other kids?  Where’s the zero-tolerance for the teachers and administrators not doing their jobs and keeping these kids safe?  This isn’t the highschool we went to, folks.  People today are much more brazen and willing to do much more to someone else.  Step in, say something, do something. 

Send this kid back to school and expel the bullies and fire the teachers.


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