Obama Favors Homosexuals, Not What You’re Thinking Either

I know that title sounded worse than what it is.  I used that title for a reason; to get your attention.  While Obama’s comment that he supports gay marriage isn’t surprising, in itself, neither is the timing of his statement.   It’s campaign season.

VP Biden makes his declaration on Sunday which pressured Obama to make some sort of statement and later, facing pressure from the left and the gay community, he caved and said he supports same-sex marriage.  Does he really?  I doubt it.  He’s looking for votes, and he’ll get them.

However, the gay community still isn’t happy.  Obama went on to say that while he supports gay marriage, it is a state level issue and should be kept there.  I agree.  If the individual states want to make gay marriage legal, so be it.  The federal government needs to stay out of it though.  Well, there are people within the gay community that want more.  They are saying they want Obama to make gay marriage a federal issue and that the federal government needs to make it legal in all 50 states.

Look, I’m talking to you now, gays.  When there is a Republican in office who wants to make traditional marriage a federal issue, you want the feds to stay out of it.  When the President agrees with you, then you want federal intrusion.  You can’t have it both ways.  I say it is and should be a state level issue and was saying that when Bush was in office.  I don’t want the federal government in my home, much less my bedroom.


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