May 16, 2012 Show

Tonight’s show will discuss the new federal form sent home with school children asking for lots of information that has nothing to do with a child’s educational needs.  Looking into it and I will let you know what I found out on tonight’s show.  Also, how the federal government has been wasting you taxpayer dollars and why we just can’t seem to stop them.  Finally, ObamaCare strikes again!  Plus…

George Zimmerman’s trial was on today and the defense brought forward the medical evidence showing he was beaten. He had both eyes blackened, a fractured nose, and cuts on the back of his head.

Obama Administration Objects to House Defense Bill 

The Obama administration is threatening to veto a $643 billion defense authorization bill due to be debated in the U.S. House this week. Its objections range from missile defense at home to the president’s authority to conduct policy abroad.

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released a policy statement Wednesday, outlining eight pages of administration objections arising from the National Defense Authorization Bill for fiscal year 2013.

It says President Obama’s “senior advisors” recommend that he veto the bill, H.R. 4310, if its cumulative effects “impede the ability of the Administration to execute the new defense strategy and to properly direct scarce resources.”

Coburn says the US has 2-5 years before financial meltdown and why I believe it.


Oklahoma Republican Senator Tom Coburn told The Daily Caller in a video interview that the federal government is in the “midst of committing murder to our republic” and predicted that the U.S. faces a financial meltdown in 2-5 years.

“I wanted people in this book, in ‘The Debt Bomb’ to be able to see what’s coming,” Coburn said on Capitol Hill, referring to his book. “In 2022, less than 10 years from now, unless we make major changes that everybody’s saying they know has to be made but none of the politicians have the courage to make, the entire federal budget will be made of only three things: interest, Medicare and Social Security, nothing else.”

“It’s very honorable to speak honestly to the American public about what the problems are. It is dishonorable to lie to them about it not being. Talk to any politician up here, they all know Medicare’s in trouble, they’ll say it privately so tell me, when you will speak something privately but not talk about it publicly, what’s that say about your integrity? That you just really want to win an election rather than fix our country.”

Sentaor Coburn (R-OK) is a financial hawk.  This guy has generally shown true conservatism in both his personal life and his professional life.  He has done his research and has exposed a quite a bit of wasteful federal spending.  If Coburn says it, I believe it.  He is not running for re-election, to my knowledge, so he has nothing to gain here.

How does that fair for the average US Citizen?  Not too well.


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