Islamic Auctions Selling People?

From The Blaze

Picture this: A festive, affluent gathering of rich men, many dressed in flowing white robes, in a country dominated by religious fervor. In their midst stands a father, whose son stands next to him, impassive in a black uniform as the father declares that the son shall be a “sacred sacrifice” just like his brothers. A chatty auctioneer then begins to open bidding for the young man’s life, all while people cheerfully shout out bids, and the father looks on in pride.

If you thought this scene took place in some sort of horrific, pre-medieval time, long before the advent of running water, video cameras or the internet, then we’re sorry to report that you were completely mistaken. Not only is this scene not from an ancient and rightly defunct civilization, but it actually took place this year, in the back yard of a country that the United States still considers an ally. Specifically, it took place early this year in Saudi Arabia, and was caught on-camera in a Youtube video that is going viral due to the horrific nature of what is depicted.

Folks, this is what Islam is all about.  Seriously.  What the Hell?  These people act like they’re victimized by the West.  Yet, fathers sell their sons off to the highest bidder to be made into martyrs.  Who knows how many of these kids would rather go on to be something else in life.  Instead, their fathers ruin that chance and “sacrifice” there sons for whatever cause.  I’d bet most of those cowards would be too scared to don the bomb-laden vest themselves.

There are two main types of Islam; those who worship Allah, work, support their families, and get a long with other people, regardless of their faith, then you have what most call true Islam.  If you read Islamic text, you’ll see the latter is more accurate.  That poses a question… if the majority of Muslims are peaceful and do not condone terrorism.  However, they rarely speak out against the murderous ideology of the extremists?  

The extremists and those in power continuously claim to be victims of everyone and that they have to fight or commit terrorism in defense of themselves and their people.  Truth be told, they’re nothing but bigoted bullies with no tolerance for those of different faiths, opinions, and political beliefs.

Now, I know some of you reading this will have a bone to pick with me.  Some of you will disagree.  That’s fine.  Email me your thoughts or comment.  As long as it’s something I can publish, I will.

In the meantime, I want you to look at the past 100 years of Islamic extremism.  I want you to keep an open mind and do some research.  You’ll see that there are far more Islamic terror groups than in any other religion.  On top of that, until Muslims can grow the balls to come out and condemn terrorism, there is really no reason for them to complain about Westerners not trusting them and wanting to profile them and their actions.


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