Domestic Terror on the Rise?

Black Bloc march. Notice the girl on the lower right is wearing designer sunglasses, yet these people hate such large companies.

Many of you may have heard about the 5 guys in Ohio that intended to blow up bridges around Cleveland.  Over this last weekend a total of about 8 more were arrested in the Chicago area.  These people are calling themselve anarchists.  These anarchist groups are popping up all over the place.  Groups like Black Bloc are becoming more powerful and more popular than ever before; even though their tactics and actions have stayed pretty close to the same since the late 1970s.

More recently, anarchist groups have popped up in OWS protests along with Communists wreaking havoc at protests that may have otherwise been relatively peaceful.  Note the word “relatively.” 

These groups have also tried to destroy infrastructure and political targets.  For example, the group in Ohio tried to blow up bridges, the groups in Chicago wantedto attach President Obama’s campaign headquarters.  Although, most of us in the Patriot movement and prepper community do not particularly like Obama’s policies, we don’t want anything violent to happen to him or his supporters. 

Folks, this is a time in US history that hasn’t been seen before.  WE have political ideologies coming from all over the spectrum from the far left to the far right, everyone from Neo-Nazis to Communists and Anarchists.  What I find the most amusing is that the lesser extreme groups are the one’s labeled as the worst kinds.  Tea Partiers are mislabeled as many in the OWS movement are.  What we really need to do is unify as a nation and agree to disagree on some stuff, but agree that these domestic terrorists, the Anarchists, need to be dealt with in a severe manner.  Now, I don’t mean to just go out and start whoopin’ ass.  What I mean is to make it known that you will not stand for such behavior, regardless of what side the thugs claim to represent.

As a conservative Constitutionalist Libertarian, I do not want the far right wing Nazi movement representing me.  I do not want racists like them or the Klan on my side, I’m definitely not on their side.

These domestic terrorist are no better than the Islamothugs we deal with around the world.  I, for one, will not tolerate any movement that attacks our people of government unprovoked.  I will never align myself with an ideology that hates people simply based on their race or politics; nationality or ethnicity; sexual preference or any other self-describing preference.  However, I will fight against policies and methodologies that undermine the US and her people as a whole.

I expect to see more violent actions taking place over the next several months running up to the presidential election in the US.  I also believe there is a pretty good chance that we will see uprising regardless of who wins the presidency.  Be prepared for it.

Remember, folks, I’m a III%er forever.


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