Urban Security

For the first time in human history, people live in urban areas more than they do in rural parts.  This poses a security challenge.  In the case of rural security, things like clearing trees back from your home, installing security lights, keeping a simple to use, but reliable firearm handy.

Urban survival and security is different from in a rural setting.  The needs are different and the threat is generally different.  Keep in mind that a lot of these tactics can be used in a rural setting, too.  This article is not an exhaustive list.

Light it up!

Lighting makes a huge difference in whether you get a prowler or not.  Using motion detecting lights will help keep your power costs down and they provide about the same security as others.

There are lots of options when it comes to lighting.  Flood lights make a good choice as they cover a vast area easily.  Keep in mind, you have neighbors and if you intend to stay in their good graces, do your best to aim the lights so they won’t light up the inside of their homes.  They may not like you too much if a stray cat turns the light on every 10 minutes waking them up.

Community Action!

The biggest part of community action is to get to know your neighbors.  This is important because your neighbors make the basic building blocks of your most likely contacts during or right after a disaster or any other upheaval to your normal life.

Getting to know your neighbors also helps in determining how they will react in a crisis.  If they say something eluding to being willing to steal from others, they will not be your friend when the time comes.

Remember, always be aware of who belongs in your neighborhood.  If you see someone you don’t recognize and they look shady, they just may be.

The Food Bank

Storing food may not sound like a security thing, but it actually is.  It keeps you from having to go out for food where people may be willing to do anything to feed themselves and their families.

Make sure you have a few weeks , at minimum, of food stored up to feed your family.  Do not disclose where the food is to anyone outside your family.  In a SHTF scenario, you’ll find that your neighbors won’t be very neighborly.

Make sure you have some comfort foods to help ease tension.  If you have children, you may want to keep some of their favorites on hand, just in case.

Sound the Alarm

When someone wants into your home or business, a locked door isn’t going to keep them out.  Think about this, anyone with the will and desire to rob you blind can do it.  Locks on a door and windows only keeps honest people and lazy thieves out.

This is where a good alarm system comes into play.  A good system, preferably monitored, will alert police, fire, and medical personnel to any problems that may arise and, hopefully, send help in time to stop what ever security threat you have.  If you can go wireless, that’s even better; no phone lines for a thief to cut.  My alarm system notifies the monitoring company if I lose power, the phone line is lost, or any other reason for the connection to the company is disconnected.

Now, I know that getting an alarm can be expensive to set up, even the monthly cost can be a lot, but don’t let that stop you.  There are lots of good companies that will monitor your home for very low prices and will even put in the equipment for free.  All you have to do is look around and negotiate a little.  Before you do business with any company, do your research.  Make sure they are reputable, regardless of their cost.

Arm Yourself

I have a saying that the police are only minutes away when seconds count. I didn’t coin that phrase and I forget where I heard it, but I still use it.  That’s why arming yourself is so important.  Make sure you know how to use your weapon, too.  Go to the range and practice your shots.  Nothing worse than shooting at an intruder and missing with your first two shots.  If they don’t run away, they’ll realize you can’t hit the broadside of a barn and become emboldened enough to attack.

Practice will raise your confidence and skill enough to be able to hit center mass and injure or kill the intruder.  Important! Make sure you know your local and state laws concerning your rights.  In some states and localities, your aim is to stop the intruder, not kill him.  Meaning that if you shoot and wound him, and he stops the advance and retreats, he is no longer a threat in the eyes of the law and you cannot go any further.  Either way, you’ll likely have to go to court and prove you were in danger. Don’t let that stop you from defending your home and family.  I’d rather sit in jail than have my family hurt or get killed myself.


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