Hollywood and Politics: Is it Poison or Good Stuff?

Hollywood celebrities have a way of getting their opinions into the media at the worse times, it seems. Every now and again, some Hollywood actor comes out and endorses someone far left leaning liberal and their hooligans, or they come out with some statement that just pisses everyone off.  These pompous asses tend to think we actually care what they think!  I’ll tell you, unless they actually care about preserving freedoms, I don’t care what they have to say.

The Bad Guys

There are plenty of bad people in Hollywood; or as Shooter Dan and Chuck D at the Liberty or Zombie podcast call it, plenty of zombies in Hollywood.  These are the people who would have you believe that everything within our government is fine, that our economy is gaining momentum, that we are not losing freedoms or that we don’t need the freedoms we’re losing.  These are people like Alec Baldwin, Jane Fonda, and Sean Penn.  These are the people that hang around with them and are in close social relation with them.

Fox’s Roger Ailes claims Jon Stewart is an admitted Socialist.  Socialists are the bad guys.  It doesn’t matter what their intent is or what their personality is, or what their motive is.  Socialism is inherently bad as it is too close to Communism and as a rule, socialism requires taking away your liberties to work at all.

The next three paragraphs are from The Blaze and can be found here

While no video has yet emerged of the newsworthy event, Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes gave a speech Monday night at Ohio University that has many in the media talking.

Interestingly, one of the only sources of information from the speech has been media lawyer and Harvard Law and Policy Review blogger Jonathan Peters, who live-tweeted the event.

Of all the tweets, one of the most interesting is this:  “Ailes: Jon Stewart is a comedian. He wouldn’t do well without Fox. And he basically has admitted to me, in a bar, that he’s a socialist.” [Emphasis added]

The Good Guys

The good guys in Hollywood are those with either more libertarian or conservative views.  These tend to be the people like James Caviezel, Clint Eastwood, and Tom Selleck.  These are the people who understand that our freedoms must be preserved.  These are the people who understand we have constitutional rights and liberties.  They believe our Constitution is not a living document, rather it’s a concrete set of rules that lays the groundwork for what the government can and cannot do.

What are Your Values?

Are your values strong enough to keep you from watching a movie so that you don’t support the payroll of the liberal actors?  Or is it just entertainment and who cares what their politics are?  To me, it’s usually just politics and I don’t really care enough about specific actors views to stay away.  Some actors I’ll avoid, like Sean Penn.  However, if a conservative actor has a new movie out, I’m more than happy to go see them and support their income.

With all that said, where do you stand and why?


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