So… Now on with the Show

With Memorial Day behind us and the Independence Day ahead of us, we have just over a month until our next day off from work.  We also have just a little over a month until we should remember why we celebrate that day.  It’s not just the 4th of July.  It’s Independence Day.  It recognizes the day out Declaration of Independence was signed. 

A Nation Divided

Over the weekend, I heard people in the political arena making some pretty stupid comments.  For example, Chris Hays over at MSNBC saying that soldiers, fallen or not, are not really heroes.  He later back-pedalled claiming that wasn’t what he meant in his statement.  Whatever, dude.  Your statement came out exactly as you meant it too.  I could tell because of the pompous way you spoke using words that many would not understand as if your expansive vocabulary was needed to make such a simple point.  That point is that you don’t really care about those who serve and the sacrifices they make.  I assume you’re smart enough to know that veterans only make up about 13 percent of the population in the US; combat veterans make up an even lower percentage.  I have a feeling while you were going after your degree and thinking of only the superficial, you never stopped to think about those who think past the superficial and look deeply into their own soul knowing what kind of sacrifice they may be asked to make by a nation made up of people who are grateful and those who don’t really care about the sacrifices made.  I have a feeling, Mr. Hays, that you fall into the latter category.

My Point is…

My point is, days like Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Veteran’s Day are to respect and remember those who gave us and continue to defend this great nation of ours.Days like those, we are not Republicans, Democrats, conservatives, or liberals.  We are all Americans.  Remember that.

The next national patriotic holiday we have, stay away from the politics and the pundits.  If you hear some moron like Hays come on and say something stupid, just remember they have the right to be stupid, we have the right to ignore them, write in to the news agency, send the moron an email, call for his dismissal, your choice.

Ain’t America great, y’all?



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