The Benefits of Beer

I was out in the garage cleaning tonight, having a few beers (Lone Star to be specific) and I had a thought.  I remembered the monks in Germany drinking beer to survive the fasting of Lent.  I remembered thinking, when I first heard about it, that they were drunks looking for an excuse to drink.  After all, they are Germans.  Don’t get offended… I’m part German and I drink a few.  I’m also Irish and Scottish so I’m just screwed.  Anyway, I remembered writing a paper on the German monks while I was in college several years ago and remembered the nutritional value of beer.

I got to thinking.  What do you do when there is no food available to eat and you’re hungry?  Then it came to me; drink beer.  It’s not the alcohol content that makes beer special, but the grain content, so don’t use this same idea on whiskey or vodka or, my favorite, rum.  It just doesn’t work.  There are benefits of those in survival, but that’s another article.

Keep in mind, the nutritional value of beer depends on where it comes from.  US beer is mostly carbs (energy) and sugars (alcohol), but when you start looking at European beers, you’ll see the calorie and protein content rise.

The gist of it, if you have no food and are hungry, drink some beer.  I don’t mean get drunk, though.  If you can get your hands on European beer even better.  Your body will thank you. 

Disclaimer: if you drink too much, you will dehydrate and feel like crap… that’s a hang over.  This is nutrition only and in a SHTF situation it is advised you drink just a little beer, one or two, and not get drunk.


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