Drones! EPA Defends Them!

We all know the EPA is nothing more than a bully agency, much like the BATFE.  They flex their political muscle whenever they feel the need, pushing Americans around like pawns in a game of chess.  That’s not even the worse of it.  The EPA has now admitted they’ve been spying on US farmers since 2010 with the use of drones!
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency claims it has legal authority and precedent for using aerial photography to monitor compliance with the Clean Water Act.

The issue came to light when U.S. Senator Mike Johanns (R-Neb.) announced he, along with all of Nebraska’s Congressional delegation, had sent a letter to EPA administrator Lisa Jackson questioning the agency’s motivation and legal authority for using aerial surveillance of Nebraska livestock operations.

EPA acknowledges the surveillance flights began in 2010 in Iowa and 2011 in Nebraska. The EPA has conducted seven flights in Iowa and nine in Nebraska.

Seriously?  What gives the EPA the legal right to use drones against us?  On top of all that, they’re using the drones against the very people who made it their life’s work to feed us.  This group of bullies made it their business to push around some of the hardest working American people to further their agenda of total US control through liberal policy and doctrine that is not only criminal, but is extremely damaging to American livelihoods the country’s well-being.
You’ve seen my other articles on drones and this is just more proof that we are no longer free as a society.  Looks like we haven’t been since, at least, 2010. 
As recently as yesterday, Oklahoma City’s local KTOK AM 1000’s Lee Matthews spoke about the drone issue.  Discussions of what we can expect and how people in the area are willing to accept this kind of action by our government.
Charles Krauthammer has even called for a ban on the domestic use of drones citing the constitutionality of their use against American citizens.  He even went so far as to predict the widespread use of drones will incite the exercising of the 2nd Amendment.
I wonder how this ties into the UN’s Agenda 21.  The federal government forcing their wishes upon the American people, rather than letting the free markets decide.  It’s a shame they’ve sold us down the river that way.
Be wary, federal government.  There are a lot of us out there opposed to this sort of thing and we will vote you out of a job either directly or indirectly.  Remember, the III%ers are watching.  We are reporting.  We won’t back down.  You know why?  Because we’re III%ers forever.

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