It’s Official: We live in a Nanny State

Many of you who follow me here or on Twitter know how I feel about the Occupy crowd.  You probably also know how I feel about people who milk the system.  Well, I was sitting on my couch watching an American Dad rerun on our local Fox station and I saw a commercial.  This goofy looking guy in a suit made up to look like $100 bills was going on this rant about how his check cashing place now has federally subsidized cell phones.  Yeah, seriously.  I’ve seen signs for them and ads here and there, but tonight it really hit home when I saw the commercial.  Why now?  Because the guy in the commercial got into the details a bit.

Here’s the ticket

If you are on welfare, you can get a free cell phone.  The service is what costs you.  Now, you’re probably thinking, “So what? Lots of companies give away cell phones.”  Well, check this out.  The phone is free, there is no contract, no credit check, and the service for unlimited minutes and texts is $6.20 per month.  Yeah, I’m not kidding, people.  It’s just $6.20 per month to have a cell phone with unlimited minutes and texts if you’re on welfare.  They even advertised getting a text phone.  You know, the ones with the QWERTY key pad.

The ticket to the good life is becoming ore and more a life of living off the hard work of others.  It’s the sweat of the brow that makes a life… the sweat of others.  To these people, the good life consists of hand outs from state and federal agencies that only exist to enslave people too weak minded to deal with the stress of every day life.  These are the same people who tend to vote Democrat. 

I’ve run into these people at work and they claim to be conservative and such, but they do nothing but take from the state or federal governments.  However, in their eyes they’re the exception to the rule.  In their eyes, they can’t work for what ever reason, but they can go to the bar and knock back a few, they can go on vacations and spend their lives as if they’ve won the lottery.  Why is that?  Well, it’s, generally, because they have no responsibilities or desires to get ahead.  They’re content with living in crappy houses and apartments, driving cars that are iffy, at best, and doing what ever it takes to not work.  Some of these people work so hard to not work, they’d have an easier life if they’d just go get a job.

To work or not to work

That is the question now days.  I guess to be or not to be has evolved, hasn’t it.  I see people refusing to get a job going on welfare and living it up.  They act like the world owes them something and they deserve the very best.  I see people in convenience stores buying fountain drinks and candy bars with their EBT cards (debit card food stamps), living in subsidized housing, driving new cars and talking on cell phones that cost them $6.20 a month to keep active. 

Many, if not most, of these people are perfectly able to work.  they’re just “victims” of the economy or whatever situation they want to be victimized by.  They’d rather sit around and live off your tax dollars than go out and get a job.  Then they complain and whine when they don’t get what they want.

Some of them get jobs and hold them for 2 or 3 months then lose them or quit because they got mad about something stupid.  They act like they know everything and have (and expect) the best in life, when they really don’t have anything worth a damn.  Why?  Because they’re professional victims and they need the state to take care of them… at least they think they do.

Now, with all that said, please know this; if you are legitimately disabled and cannot work, being on welfare is understandable.  If you are actually looking for work and need help, fine.  However, those of you who spend your days smoking cigarettes and drinking beer or smoking weed while playing your Xbox and PS3 need to get off your butts and start fending for yourselves.  When the free ride runs out because you and your buddies have milked it dry, don’t riot and demand more; realize you got more freebies than most people and suck it up.  Get back to work.  You’re probably not the exception to the rule, stop acting like it.

III% forever


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