Obama: No Longer the Worlds Sweetheart.

Obama was once the guy the world celebrated.  Kenya went crazy over the election of one of their own to the US presidency.  France acted like he was the greatest thing to happen to the US since FDR. 
Generally, Obama is lauded about by the socialist countries like France.  He has been praised and given gifts and awards for doing nothing.  Well, that’s all changing.  Escpecially, in the countries President Obama has cottled the most; Muslim nations.
Global approval of U.S. President Obama’s policies has fallen significantly since he first took office, a Pew Research Center poll released Wednesday indicated.

Besides the slippage in global approval, overall confidence in Obama and attitudes toward the United States dipped, results indicated.

Europeans and the Japanese remain largely confident in Obama, although somewhat less so than in 2009, while Muslim nations remain largely critical, Pew said.

What does this all mean?  It means that through all his apologies to the world, his pandering to those who don’t like us, his policies and actions have done more to damage the US than to help it. 

I find it funny that the president and the Democrats in Congress are worried about his image.  They are more worried about his image than they are that of the country.  That is prepostoruous!  This president has done nothing substantial for our country.  Just about everything he does is self-serving.

Anyway, it’s no wonder the rest of the world is losing faith in King Obama.  It’s going to get worse, you’ll see.


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