The March Toward Socialism in the US

Many of us in the prepper/patriot/III% community have long discussed the direction our country is going.  We look at new laws and programs and, while we realize some are necessary, see many as over-priced babysitters and nannies.  Many federal programs have no place within the federal government’s scope.  In many cases, these programs were designed for a different purpose than they’ve come to have today.  What does it take to be a socialist program?  Well, if you want to get technical, it’s any government-owned, -funded, or -subsidized operation.  Yep, so federally back student loans and mortgages; socialist programs.

Social Security

The Social Security Act^ of 1935, one of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal creations, is seen by many as a socialist program because it is a government-organized and -regulated system. Social Security was designed to provide retirement benefits to citizens through mandatory donations to the program during one’s employment years.

Federalized Healthcare (ObamaCare)

During the Clinton administration, a plan was proposed to bring down the high costs of health insurance by creating national health insurance. Critics of the national health insurance concept labeled it “socialized medicine” and argued that the individual, not the federal government, had the wisdom and capability to manage his or her own affairs. They argued that deregulation of the health care industry and opening it up to the free market would bring the cost of health care down and increase the availability of care to the American public, which national health insurance would not do.

Now we have ObamaCare.  My how times have changed.  Do you realize that this sort of thing would have never passed just 10 or 15 years ago?  Even today, the feds knew the American public wouldn’t like it, so they passed it without even reading the bill.

Federal Subsidies

Want to go to college?  What about buy a home?  Anything that is a  government-owned, -funded, or -subsidized operation is a socialist program, by its very definition.  Now I know some of you are saying, “but, but, but.”  Doesn’t matter.  It is just that; a socialist program.

Overall Attitude of Today’s American Youth

You’ve seen it in the OWS crowd, you’ve seen it in they teens and young adults act, and you’ve seen it on TV.  A large part of today’s youth is full of liberalism and an entitlement attitude.  Now, liberalism has always been more common in the younger population.  As Winston Churchill is attributed to have said “If you’re not Liberal when you’re 25, you have no heart. If you’re not Conservative when you’re 35, you have no brain.”   While it is unlikely that he actually said that, it does ring ,somewhat, true, but I think the ages should be about 10 years younger on both.

Liberalism and Socialism

In many cases, liberalism and socialism are so closely related, you’d think they were twins.  It use to be that they were completely different.  The liberals, while they were still liberals, were more social liberals, but still wanted the government out of their lives.  Now days, the liberals tend to want more government intrusion into the things they support and less into the things they don’t.  It can’t be both ways, government doesn’t work that way.

Getting Back Our Independence

We have to get back to the Constitutional Republic we were founded as.  The question is, how do we do so?  Well, we do it the same way it was done int he past.  We put on our boots and get to work.  We do what we can to have less and less government in our lives.  We let those who won’t work go by the wayside and stop pandering to their laziness.  We fight, people!  We fight at the polls, we fight on the radio, we fight in the media.


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