Celebrating Gayness

Gay pride month is upon us again!  Well, I didn’t really know there was one until this year, but I guess there is.  Pentagon officials stated Thursday, June 13, 2012, they are going to recognize gay soldiers for their service.  Cities all around the country are participating with parades and banners dedicated to gay pride.  Do I have a problem with this?  You bet I do.  Keep reading and I’ll explain way.

I always have a problem when people get special treatment for being different.  Civil rights groups always start out wanting the people the focus on to be treated the same as everyone else, but then they do things that push themselves onto others.  For example, gays want to be treated just as anyone else.  I agree they should be.  I have no problem giving gays the same rights and privileges as anyone else, but don’t rub it in my face… and by “it” I mean your gayness.  Well, don’t rub the other “it” in my face either.  Kidding, I’m kidding.  Seriously though, I do believe that everyone should be treated equally.  With that said, I don’t believe that anyone should be subjected to others pushing their values.

Since the inception of the US armed forces, there have been gays serving.  Who really cares?  I spent time in the military and I really didn’t care who was gay or straight.  Its not my business who you sleep with or what you do behind closed doors.  However, not every soldier is like me.  There are a lot of soldiers and Marines who do care and don’t want gays on the battlefield with them.  I agree with the GLBT on this to a point.  Let them serve with pride and honor.  By pride, I mean normal pride, not political pride.  There is no need to have a special recognition for your service.

Here in Oklahoma City, there are banners hanging from the street lights promoting gay pride.  This, again, is pushing an agenda or particular lifestyle on the surrounding community.  If the surrounding community doesn’t support you, flying flags and banners in their face doesn’t help.  Now, I know the argument is that if they keep flying the flags and holding their parades, the community, over all, will become more tolerant as they get more used to it.

So, while I’m supportive of gays receiving equal treatment, I don’t like having things pushed on me.  Can I have a white straight male parade and month?  Nope, because that would be bigotry.  See my problem?



2 Comments to “Celebrating Gayness”

  1. too true. we can have the naacp, colleges have la raza clubs, but if a group interested in their european white backgrounds was started, it would be racist.

  2. It’s great to hear things are going well in the USA! Here in Singapore, I suppose we’re still trying to play catch-up……… we have our annual Pink Dot event here on 30 June, & there are plenty of reasons why people won’t be going ;( http://bit.ly/NHqr9b

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