Great idea for us here in the US

Have you ever thought of what it would be like to face down someone who has taken hostages, say, in a bank robbery or a disgruntled worker?  Think about this, you and your family are enjoying a nice dinner out when some moron decides he wants to rob the store across the street.  The police are on their way, but you can see the robber is erratic and seems to be extremely volatile.  You can respond and help, but what if something goes wrong?  What if you handle the situation incorrectly and get yourself or someone else killed?  If there were a class that taught you how to handle such a situation would you take it?  Read on to see what the Israelis are doing.  This is great!

From The Blaze

Through innovative training, a West Bank company is offering tourists the thrill of their lives. Caliber 3, a shooting range located in Jerusalem, affords Americans, among others, the opportunity to practice shooting terrorists, while learning covert skills.

By all accounts, the experience is intense, thrilling and — unforgettable. Aside from aiming at cardboard cutouts made to look like radical operatives, visitors hear stories about battleground experiences and see a simulated assassination of terrorists by guards, YNetNews reports.

Caliber 3 Shooting Range in Israel Offers Tourists Chance to Shoot Terrorists

Image Credit: Caliber 3

Guides take participants through the invigorating process. Take Shay, for instance, one of the individuals who leads visitors through the Caliber 3 experience. According to YNetNews, he has an extensive background in actual combat and operations. Here’s a bit more about the intriguing individual — just one of the experts involved with the company:

Shay, a gray-haired guide with a throaty voice, demonstrates the best way to grab hold of an assailant, while shots sound in the nearby range. A variety of rifles and faux explosive belts lay on a desk in front of him, while the pictures of smiling “terrorist” targets line the walls. […]

According to reports in the foreign media, Shay was one of the combat troops who took part in Operation Entebbe, the mission that rescued the passengers of a hijacked Air France flight in 1976. When the tourists hear about it, their eyes light up.

It’s people like Shay who show children and adults, alike, how to operate weapons and solve crises. While gun ranges are both common and popular fixtures in many communities, this one is particularly noteworthy because of its location in Israel. Additionally, it is unique in that those who work at Caliber 3, like Shay, have served in elite units within the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

“This is a special program created due to popular demand,” explains Sharon Gat, Caliber 3′s manager. ”Travelers from all over the world come here to meet former combat troops and hear stories about elite units. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

Indeed, this is a unique opportunity for any individuals who may find themselves visiting the Middle East. It’s also a prime chance for the local community to capitalize on tourism and the potential benefits stemming from individuals who go to Caliber 3 for the mere thrill of it.

At the end of the course everyone who participates gets a diploma in addition to learning terror-fighting skills.

“This is an awesome experience. I learned how to stop a terrorist and how to rescue hostages,” says Jacob, a 24-year-old tourist who visited the range. “Now, when I find myself in distress, I will know how to deal.”

Caliber 3 Shooting Range in Israel Offers Tourists Chance to Shoot Terrorists

Image Credit: Caliber 3

In addition to serving tourists, the company also works with the IDF in terms of training and preparation for battle. According to the range’s web site, Caliber 3 works to set up security installations in order to train professionals.

“The company works in close cooperation with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in the field of Counter Terrorism,” Caliber 3′s web site proclaims. “This includes high level training operations against potential terror attacks in civilian areas such as communities, schools, kindergartens, shopping centers, public institutions etc.”

With the threat of terrorism and, especially, violent crime in the US, I would think a class like this would be a great thing to have.  I know there are lots of defensive shooting classes across our country, but what about offensive shooting classes?  What about a class that teaches civilians how to over take an opposition when the police are too far away or are taking too long to get there?  That’s my take.

Could you imagine the reduction we could see in violent crime if citizens were taught to change from a defensive position in a hostile situation to an offensive position?  It would be great!


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