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21 June, 2012

I really liked this posting. Check this guy’s blog out, people.


My fellow blogger at   has nicely summed up the problem with throwing more government (taxpayer)money at Education in his entry titled  More Funding for Education?  Revisited.

His summary:

“To paraphrase several proverbs, spending more money to do more of what has produced only failure in the past, produces nothing more than a more dramatic level of failure. “

I love it!

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21 June, 2012

What is up with federal agents acting like morons?

We all remember the stories of the Secret Service agents going off the hook in Columbia.  One agent didn’t want to pay his hooker and thought that his position could intimidate her into just leaving.  I’m glad she didn’t back down, although, it was an embarassment to the US.  She called it like it was with those guys.  She did her talk shows and referred to them as, I think she said, morons, idiots, or something of the sort.  Well, she was right, they were morons, idiots, and such. 

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21 June, 2012

Ron Paul on Social Security Retirement

Making an issue of this is crazy.  Now, I am no Ron Paul fan, but this is a stupid attempt by the left to make a generally good man look bad.  Ron Paul, an opponent to Social Security, has admitting that he has been taking retirement benefits from the agency.  Now here’s the deal; in his defense, getting out of receiving benefits after a certain age isn’t as easy as you may think.  However, there are ways around the law, primarily through religious affiliation.  Even then, its not as simple as making a statement of your religious views.

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