What is up with federal agents acting like morons?

We all remember the stories of the Secret Service agents going off the hook in Columbia.  One agent didn’t want to pay his hooker and thought that his position could intimidate her into just leaving.  I’m glad she didn’t back down, although, it was an embarassment to the US.  She called it like it was with those guys.  She did her talk shows and referred to them as, I think she said, morons, idiots, or something of the sort.  Well, she was right, they were morons, idiots, and such. 

It seems ever since the whole Columbia screw up by the Secret Service, more and more have come out about unruly and unethical agents.  The latest release is a couple of guys from Biden’s security detail getting into a fight with 3 other guys of the same detail in a bar.  Seriously?  I bet Biden was angry as everything with these guys.  I would be.  These guys are supposed to be the best of the best in security details and their dumb asses are acting like this?  This is only the latest, there are more recents accounts of this type of activity within federal law enforcement, too.

Agent Dawes, of that detail tweeted in November 2008, “so i’m stuck on Nantucket (one of the islands off of massachusetts) for thanksgiving… i have 2 options for working out. one is at the local fire department or there is a “health club” which charges $25 per day!!! or $85 for the week!!!!!  the equipment in the FD is circa Arnold days! so i think i’ll use some of the tax payers money and use the good gym!!! Thank you to all of you who pay your taxes!!!”

This just goes to show the audacity some of these guys have and their total disregard for the rule of law and disrespect for the American tax payer.

In a separate incident, this time on Martha’s Vineyard, an Air Force bomb technician and member of President Obama’s security detail also escaped charges after being accused of groping a local high school teacher and then getting in a fistfight with the manager of an Edgartown restaurant.

On August 27, 2011, the night after Obama returned to Washington, explosives expert Peter McNally groped a local high school teacher at the Wharf, according to interviews with witnesses and police reports. The teacher filed a report with Edgartown Police two days later.

In her statement to police, obtained by FoxNews.com, the teacher said she had her back to the room when, “I felt two hands deliberately placed on the sides of my breasts, which then slid down my torso to my waist and moved me to the left. I heard a voice say, ‘Excuse me.’”

The bartender working the night of the incident said  “He was just loud and grabbing girls and talking sh–.  [McNally said], ‘I box. I kill people for a living. I protect the President of the United States,’ things like that. We kicked him out.”

There have been recent reports of federal agents, particularly Secret Service, having fun with prostitutes in other parts of the world while on duty, getting into fights and being an embarrassment to the US several times over.  This is not just exclusive to Obama’s or Biden’s security details.  These are cases going back to 2004.

So, my question is, why are these guys, who are held up to the highest standards, acting like they belong in a zoo?  They act more like thugs than what their title should suggest.  While I’m sure these sleezy thugs are the minority, it sure doesn’t help the image of the Secret Service.


2 Comments to “What is up with federal agents acting like morons?”

  1. Disturbing. How certain are you that the anecdotes are all true? The one about the guy thanking the taxpayers for paying gym fees sounds a little fishy.

    • Very certain. I found the screenshot for the tweet. I know several federal agents, none of which are in this story, and a few of them have this same mentality.

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