Call me closed minded but…

I will not be seeing Paul Verhoeven’s new film about Christ.  I know that people will say that I need to be more open-minded and look at all possible “truths” into the life of Christ.  They’ll say we have no proof that Jesus is the son of God and that we need to consider all possibilities.  They’ll say that those of us who refuse to see the movie are bigoted toward others’ points of view.  They’ll call us religious nuts and neo-cons.  Whatever, read this from the Washington Times.

So much for Hollywood’s days of the sweeping Biblical epic, I suppose, but a film director and author of a controversial book on Jesus Christ has announced he’s found the financial backing to produce a film on the Christian Messiah that will contend that Jesus was just a good politician, one born after his mother was raped by a Roman soldier, but a man most certainly not the Son of God.Director Paul Verhoeven, most famous for having brought movie goers the 1987 film Robocop, is looking to begin filming his newest flick based on his own book, Jesus Of Nazareth.Verhoeven’s 2008 book dismisses the Bible’s chronicling of miracles performed by Jesus Christ not to mention asserting that Jesus’ birth was less than immaculate and indeed was the result of Mary being raped by a Roman Centurion. Verhoeven also claims to debunk the fact that Judas Iscariot — one of the Twelve Disciples — betrayed Jesus to Roman authorities just previous to the crucifixion.

So why is it that some liberal film maker has to come out and make a movie like this?  I know he is within his rights, but he’s not making it to just give a different perspective.  He’s doing this for the same reason he did his book.  He has been a vocal opponent of conservative values, Christian values (conservative or liberal), he attacked Mel Gibson for making “Passion of the Christ.”  Now he’s going off making a movie that’s meant to make a mockery of Christianity and all that we believe.
Like I said in the beginning of this article, I will not be seeing this movie.  I will not see a movie that mocks the Christian faith.  I don’t need some liberal jerk to tell me what I should believe or should not believe.  My faith tells me that Christ is the son of God, I don’t need proof either way.
Besides, doesn’t it make sense that if Christ were just a politician, as Verhoeven contends, then the bible would have mentioned he had held some sort of office?  If you ask me, Paul Verhoeven is of the devil!

3 Comments to “Call me closed minded but…”

  1. “My faith tells me that Christ is the son of God, I don’t need proof either way.” Proof is nice, but you hit the nail on the head. Also, not having proof does NOT mean we have no evidence — testimonies abound, inside and outside the Bible — it just means the evidence is not incontrovertible. Thus the need for faith. From before the crucifixion until now, there have always been those who tried to argue the Christian message out of existence. They haven’t succeeded yet. I try to prep myself, though, with not only the Bible, but with the writings of Christian apologists like C.S. Lewis, St. Augustine, and many others, including contemporaries.

  2. Why don’t we suggest that this moviemaker’s next project be the debunking of Islam? My guess is that he would not have the guts — he’ll stick to an easy target that will not swear out a death warrant against him.

    • I agree. Those people are quick to want you dead when you say something that insults them, but they’re quick to attack others for having different beliefs. I’d bet Ol’ Verhoeven would be far too scared to offend the great Islamic faithful, fearful of a fatwa. He’s nothing more than a coward looking to regain some fame.

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