Fast and Furious, Part 2?

So, I hear today that Darrell Issa has acknowledged that the chief whistleblower proposed another operation like Fast and Furious in light of the botched investigation.  That’s nuts!  Why would the whistleblower, himself, try to propose another operation like Fast and Furious?  They already knew it was screwed up, why do the same thing again?  Cannot the GOP find a more creditable witness to substantiate the whistleblower’s claim?  He better, because I think the fact that this guy proposed another operation just like the other botched one definitely takes away from his creditability.  Almost looks like the guy has a grudge over something, maybe a promotion, who knows, but maybe this is his way of getting back at the agency.  I’m not saying that’s the case, I believe Issa when he says the operation was botched and then covered up.  I am saying the good Representative should find a witness willing to testify that has really good creditability to offset what the current whistleblower may have lost in light of this new information.

In coming forward, whistleblower John Dodson claimed Fast and Furious was the work of stubborn ATF supervisors run amok. But lawyers for those Arizona supervisors have said Dodson’s role in the other “gunwalking” case undercuts his credibility as a key witness against Fast and Furious. Those trying to protect the Justice Department — and Attorney General Eric Holder from contempt proceedings — could make the same argument. 

Despite vowing to “deliver the facts to the American people” over who thought “gunwalking” was a “good idea,” neither Republicans nor Democrats had ever noted in repeated hearings, reports or interviews the case in which Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agent Dodson drafted and forwarded a request to “walk” guns just months before he ignited a national controversy over such tactics.

So, what do we believe?  How do we get the correct information here?  While I may be biased to a degree when it comes to political parties, I am not biased between people when it comes to liberty and justice.  Let’s keep an eye on this case as it goes through the system.  Don’t let the machine and news and elections get in the way of the truth.  The powers that be will try to divert your attention. Lets also hope Issa finds a creditable witness to substantiate this ATF whistleblower’s testimony.


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