Has the federal government turned its back on our security?

Has the US federal government turned its back on out security in the name of political correctness?  Or maybe in the name of more votes?  When you look at our borders, both northern and southern, what do you see?  You see a porous line across the country that allows people to filter in and out almost without any challenge from legal authorities.

This becomes more and more evident with each passing day as the current administration files lawsuit after lawsuit against states that only work to enforce existing federal laws and protect their citizens from cross-border criminals.  There have been several high-profile occasions in which our president has mocked or endangered our citizens, especially along the border states with total disregard, all in the name of political correctness and indirectly buying votes.

Most recently, the supreme court struck down Arizona’s immigration laws, the Justice Department went after Alabama’s immigration law, too.  In Texas, President Obama made jokes about illegal immigration and high crime rates along the southern border.

Border patrol agents have complained they’ve been told to let illegals go at times for whatever reason and not been allowed to defend themselves when attacked by human smugglers, drug traffickers, and other desperate people trying to get into the “Land of Opportunity.”

You also see the administrations complete lack of common sense when they came up with Fast and Furious and didn’t even think to put monitoring technology in the guns.  Then they say Bush started the program with Operation Wide Receiver. 

Well, numb nuts, Operation Wide Receiver was different.  The guns had tracking devices installed.  Once the bad guys figured it out the program was stopped.  With our current leadership, once the operation went awry, it kept going!  Seriously?  They kept it going once they saw they screwed up?  And you trust these morons with your safety and security?  I sure as hell don’t.  These people can’t secure a paper sack!

Wake up, people!  You need to wake up and see the federal government is not protecting you from outside threats.  Through illegal immigration, terror suspects have made their way into the US; more and more dangerous drugs and gangs have infiltrated our neighborhoods; crime, overall, if higher in areas with high concentrations of illegal immigrants.

There has to be a stop to this kind of mentality.  What nation can stand when the leadership is so eager to appease those who have other countries in their best interest?  What nation can stand when the leadership lets our security down in an effort to be friends with people who don’t even like us?  What country can stand when the leaders let criminals, terrorists, and subversives enter freely and then punish the states and citizen for defending or enforcing the nation’s laws.  No nation can stand.  That’s the answer.

You know who it feels like is in charge of this country right now?

These guys.


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