Summer heat got ya down? Easy to build AC to save the day

My wife found this on Facebook and I thought it was a great idea.  So….. I built one.  This is what’s called a swamp cooler and it works.  I’m using this to cool my garage for my dogs in this intense heat.

Step One

Materials needed to build a swamp cooler

Get the following items together: 1) a Styrofoam cooler, 2) a couple of toilet paper rolls or a paper towel roll cut in half, 3) a small fan, and 4) a bag of ice.  You’ll need a box knife to cut the cooler for the tubes and fan to fit in.

Step 2

Holes cut for fan and tubes

The next step is to outline and cut the cooler to snugly fit the tubes in one end of the lid and a hole large enough for the fan to sit in so that it can sit face down and blow air into the cooler.

Step 3


Lid with tubes inserted

Put the tubes into the holes in the lid.  make sure they’re snug.  If not, use duct tape to secure them.

Step 4

Ice in bucket

Place ice in the cooler.

Step 5

Completed Swamp Cooler

Replace lid and set fan face down in hole on lid.  Turn on the fan and wait for the ice to start melting.  Once the ice begins to melt, the air coming out of the tubes will be cool.  To make the swamp cooler work faster, add some cold water to the ice.  This will make the ice melt a bit faster creating cold air more quickly.


3 Comments to “Summer heat got ya down? Easy to build AC to save the day”

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