I called it! Now the NRA is backing it up!

I’ve said in previous articles and on my podcasts that the Obama Administration would use Fast and Furious as a way to implement more gun control and it now appears the NRA is backing my theory!  That’s exciting to me because it goes to show, to me at least, that I’m not a goofy nut job conspiracy theorist.
Even before President Barack Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder formally took office in 2009, the National Rifle Association stated that the new administration’s secret “gun-control agenda” posed a clear danger to America’s gun owners and the constitutional right to bear arms.

So after whistleblowers revealed a botched gun-running probe conducted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives — “Operation Fast and Furious” — a top NRA official called it another “Watergate.”

Here was what the NRA had long viewed as an out-of-control agency, in the thrall of a hostile president and attorney general, allowing weapons sold in the United States to find their way into Mexico. The reason, the NRA said in its literature, was that the administration wanted to boost statistics about guns flowing into Mexico to support a push for new laws to regulate American gun dealers.

So, Obama and Holder want to implement more gun control, huh?  That’s the claim of the NRA.  That’s what I’ve been thinking for quite a while, too.  The federal government also put a rule in that affects the border states that if someone buys mor than 2 rifles in a week’s time, they have to be put on a list and reported to federal authorities.  All this after Fast and Furious.  The feds put this rule in place after THEY screwed up and gave drug dealers and narco-terrorists more guns.
Why is it that every time the feds screw up, we, as American citizens, get punished?  I’ll tell you why?  They feel its our fault to some extent that they messed up.  They’re so pompous and such that they think they’re still smarter than the average citizen.  They believe we cannot function properly without a huge freaking government telling up how and what to do in every situation.  Cradle to greave, people, that’s how they see it.  They think we’re too stupid to control our own lives.
Well, they’ve actually proven they can’t run anything right.  Hell, they can’t even screw up properly.  They screw up screwing up.  I’m ready for a new adminstration.  Hopefully one what will restore our freedoms and use common sense, rather than ego and pride to run things.

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