Welcome to Socialism

Well, the long wait to a Supreme Court decision is over.  Chief Justice Robert announced today that Obamacare is constitutional as a tax.  Now, the part I don’t understand is that Obama himself said this wasn’t a tax.  Turns out it is a tax, after all.  That tells me Obama lied to us again.  When will you people on the left understand that this guy is a lying turd? 

The individual mandate is more money you’re going to have to fork over to the feds.  Generally, the only people who will benefit here are those who will not pay into it. 

Welcome to socialism, folks.  Liberty died today.  We are now subject to being told how to live our lives and we now have a government that can put its sticky fingers into more of our lives.

Chief Justice Roberts was the deciding factor.  He has betrayed the conservatives.  He is no longer a friend to the right.  The liberals can have him.  We don’t need a traitor like that in our ranks.  He needs to understand that just because something is technically consitiutional, or technically legal, that doesn’t make it right.

This is from the SCOTUS decision:

Our precedent demonstrates that Congress had the power to impose the exaction in Section 5000A under the taxing power, and that Section 5000A need not be read to do more than impose a tax. This is sufficient to sustain it.

Folks, I know this article is all over the place and I apologize.  I am so angry right now that I don’t know what to say.  Basically, we all just got financially and constitutionally raped by Obama and his cronies.  We just got told we have no right to refuse Obamacare’s individual mandate as it is a tax.

via SCOTUSblog:

The court reinforces that individuals can simply refuse to pay the tax and not comply with the mandate.

This is BS, people!  For the first time in US history, the federal government is FORCING you to buy a specific product or pay a fine/tax for not buying in.  I am so utterly beyond angry right now that I’ve watch my nation go this direction.  Obama screwed us, CJ Roberts screwed us, Congressional Dems screwed us, and some Congressional Repubs screwed us.

I say we screw them back.  Go to the next Tea Party rally and make your voice heard.  I know I’m going to the next Tea Party rally here in OKC.  We need to show solidarity as conservatives right now.  This is no time to bitch and moan about small differences between Republicans, Costitutionalists, and Libertarians.

Today, Lady Liberty was raped and left beaten in the floor.  What are we going to do about it?  We can’t let this keep on let going on!  Take action,  yell, scream, disobey, protest, demonstrate, do all you can to be heard.



5 Comments to “Welcome to Socialism”

  1. On the other hand, just because it has been declared constitutional, doesn’t mean it has to stand. Taking back the White House, taking over the Senate, retaining control in the House, can still significantly alter the outcome. And now that the Court has said this is constitutional if we call it a tax, the Republicans can make a clear case that Democrats and Obamacare have just increased most Americans’ taxes. After all, isn’t that why Obama declared that this was NOT a tax — to stay away from the appearance that it, in fact, was a tax? This could work fairly well for Republicans, if they will but take advantage of it.

    • That’s an excellent point. My question is, though, would a GOP run House, Senate, and White House have the guts to take on the left and stick to their guns to actually repeal it? I don’t know that they will. It’s not a simple case of vote and it’s gone. They’re going to have to replace it with something else and make their case to do so.

  2. Not sure if the Republicans will “have the guts to take on the left”, but if they don’t, take them on, after having promised to repeal (or at least amend) the law, then we may well see yet another one-term president. And maybe some 1-2 term congressmen. The message: Put up or get out!

  3. Really? I think Chief Justice Roberts is a genius and he shall have the last laugh. Remember, he is no friend of Obama’s. You need to go back and read the final ruling.

    • I sure hope you’re right. I thought about your comment quite a while before responding, and you’re right, he is a genius. On my way home from work this afternoon, I was listening to the radio and the comment was made that CJ Roberts may have sided with the administration to stoke the fires of conservatives. We’ll see.

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