I was talking to a couple of colleagues today and the topic of privacy came up.  We spoke about the ACA (ObamaCare), drones, and other 4th Amendment violations.  Keep in mind, there are very few conservatives at my office.  The discussion got me to thinking about a lot of things this evening.  So, I decided that to cover some of the goings-on when it comes to our 4th Amendment.ObamaCare

Let’s start with ObamaCare.  The left applauded the Supreme Court decision siding with the Obama Administration that the ACA is constitutional.  We were discussing the ramifications of this plan once it goes into effect.  Here’s what I figured, and you feel free to tell me where I’m wrong if I am wrong.  You have to have insurance, if you don’t buy health insurance you’ll get fined, actually taxed, for non-compliance.  The supreme court calls it a tax, Obama’s goons say it’s not.  Well, the IRS is the agency collecting the money.  That gives the IRS more influence over your life.  That’s a messed up idea, right there.


You’ve seen my articles and heard me rail against the government and police departments using drones to spy on people as they go about their everyday lives.  What good could come of this?  By the end of the decade, the FAA expects 30,000 unmanned aerial vehicles — some as small as birds — to be peering down on American soil.  What does this mean for your privacy?  It means that you have none as long as you’re outside.  Eventually, I imagine, they’ll randomly check houses for the conversations going on inside.  You’re going to find a bunch of voyeurs working within the various agencies using drones to spy thinking they’re going to find some pretty girl sunbathing nude.  You’ll know they spotted in when the pervert puts that drone in a small circular flight pattern.  Point is, you won’t be able to prove what they were looking at, spying on, watching, etc.  You won’t be able to do anything without risking prying eyes watching you.

What happens if there is a natural disaster and the government wants to know who has what?  Those drones would come in really handy.  I wouldn’t blame someone for shooting them down, either.  In fact, I would support such an action.

Besides there being a violation of your 4th Amendment, your 5th could be violated, too.  It’s amazing to me that the government takes such care to violate our citizens without even a warrant.

TSA and VIPR Teams

Walking through the scanner, being felt up, being forced to strip, etc, are all severe violations of the 4th Amendment.  Think about is, you’re escorting a sick and feeble relative home.  (S)He is elderly, ill, poses no threat to anyone and then suddenly they get told they need to go in the back and take their clothes off.  Then there’s the Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response traveling around the country’s road pulling over semis and doing random inspections, they’re patrolling sporting events, too.  What is wrong with the government that they think it’s acceptable to randomly inspect our vehicles and such.  “Papers, please!  Don’t have your papers?  You’re coming with us.”

So what do we do as the government becomes more and more brazen in how they violate us?  Hell, they don’t even kiss us afterward!  This is screwed up deal.  What are you willing to do to get your rights back?  Are you willing to stand up to the thugs pulling you and your friends over and violating their Constitutional rights?


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