Hold won’t be prosecuted

The DOJ says it won’t prosecute their boss.  They don’t care that the AG has been charged by the House with criminal contempt, nor do they care that he’s been withholding evidence in a criminal investigation.  Is this partisan politics at its best?  Sure looks that way.The DOJ is claiming no law has been broken, especially since Obama gave Holder executive privilege.  So no criminal prosecution against Eric Holder, as of yet.  If the civil contempt case is found to invalidate the DOJ’s claim then a criminal prosecution can proceed.

Here’s my problem with this scenario.  What kind of effort would the DOJ put into prosecuting Holder anyway?  We can’t trust them to do the right thing half the time as it is.  All they would have to do is build a case on weak circumstantial evidence and let the defense have a heyday with it.  Then he’d be acquitted and the whole investigation and trial would be just a waste of time and money.

There needs to be an independent investigator appointed to build the case and a prosecutor that either isn’t a part of the DOJ or someone within the DOJ who wants Holder out.  Simple as that.



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