Zombies make it to China

The rash of cannibal attacks is spreading to China. A drunken bus driver in the southeast part of the country became berserk and attacked a woman in her car.  He chewed on her face before police were able to pull him off.  This follows similar incidents in Florida, Maryland and Canada.

What is going on?  That’s at least 4 face-eating attacks in recent months.  There’s something going on that someone isn’t telling us.  Simple as that.  The guy in Florida wasn’t on bath salts, he was a pot smoker.  Weed doesn’t cause people to act like that.  Have you ever met a violent pot head?  Well, violent while on pot?  Rarely.  Then it was dismissed that he was just mentally ill.  That’s believable until you start seeing more and more of these attacks going on around the world.

Is it some sort of government experiment?  What about a terrorist plot?  Have you ever seen the movie The Crazies?  Do you have some thoughts on this?  What are they?  What do we have going on here?


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