ObamaCare: What’s in store?

So, the supreme court declared the ACA constitutional, but that’s just the beginning of the healthcare hell that awaits us.  I’m talking about longer wait times at clinics and hospitals, fewer doctors, rationed medical care and medicines, and the list goes on.  What about the privacy issues at hand?  What about the fact the IRS now has a hand in your healthcare?  How will this effect our economy?

Let’s start with the privacy issues.  I have a big thing with privacy.  I absolutely hate invasions of privacy.  To me, that’s a level of intrusion that is way too personal and way too much.  With the amount of information the insurance companies will have and will have to share with the government, you can’t even fart without them knowing about it and what it smells like.  I know that’s a bit graphic, but you’re paying attention now, right?  Look, I don’t want the government knowing when I have an appointment with a specialist or my primary care physician.  I don’t want them having the right to make the decision whether I live or die.  If I become seriously ill and am given a slim chance of survival, I want to make the choice whether I live or die.  I want the government to stay out of my healthcare.  They really don’t need to know as much as they put into the ACA.

Then there’s the IRS getting involved in your healthcare.  If you don’t buy insurance, they’ll tax you.  So, if money is tight and I can’t afford to buy the insurance, but the feds think I can, the IRS is going to tax me, making it harder to get by.  This is a load of BS.

Then the effect on the economy can be profound.  Think of this.  The government covering hundreds of thousands of people who can’t afford to get health insurance on their own, leaving the tax payer oh the hook.  However, there is no way to get enough taxes into the pool fast enough to cover it all.  That means that the Obama Administration just spent us into a bigger deficit than before.  That means the Fed will print more money as “quantitative easing.”  You know what that means, people?  It means printing more money.  What happens when you flood the market with a particular product?  The value of that product diminishes; same thing with the dollar.  That’s why you’re seeing precious metals values rising.

So, do you see the reason for my anger and distrust?  On top of all that, we have a shortage of medical professionals, those people won’t be able to provide the same amount of care they do today in an effort to keep their doors open.  Some on the left say the doctors make it about money.  I say, yeah, they have to or they can’t stay in business.  There are too many variables here that can go wrong and bite us in the butt.  Too many.


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