And the left wonders why we don’t want Illegals here

The left always goes on talking about how the right is racists for not wanting illegals in the country.  These bleeding heart liberals just want to let everyone in and give them everything.  It’s insane. 
Well, there are a whole lot of us on the right who do not want the illegals here and we cite various crime statistics to prove our case.  Well check out this story from the Washington Times.
While investigating Anchorage cocaine dealers, authorities discovered a massive identity theft and tax fraud operation that illegally claimed about $19 million in federal tax refunds, prosecutors said.

U.S. Attorney for Alaska Karen Loeffler said Thursday it’s unclear exactly how much cash the federal government paid out to the defendants: seven illegal immigrants, three living in the country legally and a corrupt Wells Fargo bank employee, the U.S. citizen, who helped the alleged fraudsters. The 10 residents of Mexico and the Dominican Republic, working with a United States citizen, sent at least some of the money they allegedly stole from the U.S. Treasury out of the country, according to an indictment handed up this week.

“It’s a very large tax fraud case, and what I would call organized crime,” Loeffler said Thursday. “This is certainly the biggest [tax] case we’ve brought down in Alaska.”

Seriously, do you really want illegal immigrants walking around allowed to just live here?  Use your head, people.  Why chance it?

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