Ban Batman?

I saw Diane “Frankenstein” Feinstein on TV last night talking about how the US needs more gun control.  She said that the killings in Colorado wouldn’t have happened or wouldn’t have been as bad if weapon like what Holmes had were banned.  She also stated that she’s all for people getting permits to own guns. What?  A permit to own a gun?  The government already infringes on our 2nd Amendment right as it is.  Do they not understand the 2nd Amendment isn’t to guarantee us the right to hunt?  It’s not to give us the right to defend our homes, either.  While we do have those rights and privileges, the main purpose of the 2nd Amendment is to defend ourselves from people like Diane Feinstein.  Actually for us to defend against a tyranical government regardless of their political leanings.

Anyway, Ms. Feinstein’s arguement was that if the gun wasn’t legal, the attack wouldn’t have happened or been as bad.  Here’s the fact of the matter.  Even if the weapons were illegal to own, James Holmes still could’ve gotten them.  It’s not that hard.  The fact that he had Batman stuff all over his apartment and that he made himself up to look like the Joker, has no bearing his attack.

With Feinstein’s logic, Batman should be banned for promoting violence.  Maybe the toys should be banned because it give kids a way to act out the violence.  With Feinstein’s logic knives, cars, anything else that can be used as a weapon shoule be banned. 

Leave it to one moron to go out and kill someone to ruin it for all of us.  Ever notice how someone does something stupid and the government or other authorities all over react?  Hell, the school systems go to zero-tolerance almost immediately.

While I’m not trying to make light of the situation, I don’t believe that reactionary measures such as more gun control are the answer.  Maybe more citizens carrying guns would be better.  If there were people in that theater legally carrying guns, I’d be willing to bet Holmes wouldn’t have killed as many people.


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