Need a crisis? Look to the left!

Global warming was, and I guess it still is, a huge crisis… as far as the left is concerned.  The problem with global warming is that there is so much evidence disproving it; while there is also evidence proving it.  It all boils down to who you choose to believe.  Then they changed the wording to “climate change.”  This is ridiculous.

The climate changes, folks!  That’s what it does.  Ice ages, droughts, global warming, etc.  It’s a natural part of this big blue marble we call Earth.  What I find most humorous about it is that no matter what you have to disprove an argument from the left, they will hold to their side without waver.  That’s commendable at times, other times it’s just stupid.

After it was found that UK scientist we lying about the numbers in the global warming case, the left quickly changed their focus to fracking.  They claim that fracking pollutes ground water.  Now I grew up around oil field, I have a lot of friends in oil field.  Fracking is nothing new, guys.  It’s been around in one way or another since the 1860s.  Does it not seem feasible that all these problems attributed to fracking would’ve been noticed a long time ago?

Anyway, what’s the next crisis going to be for the left?  Space trash?  An overbearing right- or left-wing government? Racial guilt?


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