Obama pledges to reduce gun violence

Obama went to Colorado in the wake of the theater massacre and promised an audience of mostly black Americans that similar tragedies, but on a smaller scale, happen every day.  He, then, went on to pledge to reduce gun violence in the US.  Good!  I want to see gun violence drop, but here’s my problem; how is he going to reduce it?  More gun control laws?  That doesn’t work.  We all know criminals will get the guns regardless.  They don’t care about the law; they’re criminals!

I say, lessen the restrictions on firearms and let people carry more!  Think about it, are you going to walk in ready to kill as many people as you can if you think there may be a bunch of people inside with guns?  Hell, no you’re not!

However, we know that ol’ Barry doesn’t like guns and his solution is probably more laws and more restrictions on guns.

The Washington Times posted:

Obama pledges to take action on gun violencePresident Barack Obama pledged on Wednesday to work with leaders of all political stripes to “arrive at a consensus” on how to reduce gun violence across the United States after the Colorado shootings highlighted the issue in an election year.

Closing out a multiday trip that began in Aurora, Colorado, where he met with families and victims of the movie theater massacre there, Obama told a mostly African-American audience that such tragedies are replayed on a smaller scale in cities throughout the country on a daily basis.…

“I’m going to continue to work with members of both parties and with religious groups and with civic organizations to arrive at a consensus around violence reduction.”

All I can say is this; Obama hasn’t accomplished much of anything good.  What makes him so sure he can control gun violence when he can’t even control his spending?


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