The public is not welcome on the public beaches!

In Conneticut, the governor has shut down public beaches so that President Obama can hold fund raisers on them.  Seriously, this is no joke.  The president has asked that public beaches be closed so he can hold a fundraiser at movie mogul Harvey Weinstein’s mansion.

“This is the height of hypocrisy,” state House Minority Leader Lawrence F. Cafero Jr. said.  He is a Republican from Norwalk, CT.

“Purely political,” Cafero continued. “Can you imagine if George W. Bush in 2004 had requested that our Republican governor shut down the park? It would have made national news. This is wrong in so many ways.”

 I agree with Cafero here.  This the type of thing that happens in other countries, not the US.  US politicians do not shut down public land for their own use.  Dictator Obama isn’t the first to block the public from parks we pay for so he can raise money for his retarded campaign so he can serve another 4 years as the US’s worse president ever.  Clinto did it a couple of times at teh same place.

The way this guy takes advantage of the American people, abuses his office, shucks the Constitution, and all that other stuff he does, we need him gone.  GONE!!! Unless you’re hoping to livewith less and less rights.  If that’s what you want… and liberals, I’m talking to you…. if you want to live in a country with an overbearing government that tells you how to live and dictates what you can and cannot do with yourself and your money, vote Obama.  If you want the freedom you so annoyingly go on about while you try to take it from people who disagree with you, don’t vote Obama.  Simple as that.  Either vote for liberty and freedom or vote for more crap and loss of liberty.


2 Comments to “The public is not welcome on the public beaches!”

  1. Isn’t this why they RAISE money? To PAY for venues to hold such fundraisers or others pay for the location?? What greed to shut down public land to ask for more money. It would be crazy to pay for a venue himself, gee!

    I am a Chick-fil-a goer, christian mother/wife and I approve this message.

    • Yes, it is. In my humble opinion, shutting down public parks and beaches so politicians can fundraise should result in a prorated tax refund.

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