Psychos, nutjobs and maniacs! Oh, my!

Violence has its place in the world.  Violence is necessary, at times, to make certain things happen politically.  It’s called war.  However, violence has no place in our movie theaters, our houses of worship, or shopping malls, or anywhere else that people go and should feel safe.  That’s where the problem is these days; Colorado had their shooting, followed by a Sikh temple massacre, attempted shootings at a theater in Ohio and another in Connecticut.

What do we make of this craziness that seems to be coming at us from all sides?  It’s not just shootings we have to worry about right now, either.  It’s face-eating maniacs and machete wielding psychopaths.  The police blamed those on “bath salts,” at first.  Later, it was found the one guy in Florida wasn’t on anything but pot.  We all know pot doesn’t make you do that unless it’s laced with something, but the news didn’t mention anything but pot.

I don’t trust that.  There’s something going on and we’re not being told about it.  Think about it for a second or two.  People walking in and shooting the place up, killing loads of people, then NOT running away.  They get caught and in most cases without incident.  It’s like they have no idea what the Hell is going on.

Then you have these face-eaters, Florida wasn’t the only case, folks.  There have been a few more, and not just in the US.  China had an attack recently in which a cab driver attacked a woman. Luckily, by standers were able to pull him off.

A Florida woman took after her mother with a machete after taking these “bath salts,” we’re told.  I don’t think she got too far in the deal before she was stopped, but look at the situation, not the outcome.

What is going on right now that has so many people acting like maniacal zombies?  Why are these things happening so much more lately than before and why aren’t we being told what’s going on?  Call me paranoid, but the increase is crazy killings and attempted killings has increased and they seem to follow a particular M.O.  Now I understand copy cat killers and such could be the reason for Ohio and Connecticut, but there’s the mentality that pushes the people to follow in the shoes of the first killer.

Then you have people starting websites supporting these freaks as heros?  Seriously, what the f*** is going on?  I know one thing.  I’m armed as often as I can be, just in case.  I’m not going to let some crazy freak take my family out.  I suggest you get ready for something to happen, too.  I’m not talking about some global freak show, but you never know when some disturbed reject will walk in with a blood lust.

Are you ready to stop someone from wiping out your friends and family?

III% forever


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