How ObamaCare will fix the economy

This is not a real theory.  It is simply satirical.

Now this insidious plan from the Obama Administration depends on the public’s weakness for fast food, but I think it’s completely feasible.

Because of Obama’s socialized medicine plan, doctors are leaving the field and creating a need for more doctors.

To lure more doctors to stay, the Obama Administration has ordered fast food places to make food as unhealthy as possible making it somewhat profitable for doctors to stay. The fast food companies will also add addictive ingredients to the food to keep you coming back for more.

Now you know that socialized medicine has a tendency to be horrible.  That’s important to keeping this whole thing going.  They want it to be an ineffective money-sucking way to fleece American tax-payers.  Follow me here.

The care will suck enough to cause a huge death toll, nearly pandemic levels of heart attacks, strokes, and congestive heart failure.  That will make funeral homes a great investment. Fewer people alive means more of everything for everyone else, more money spent on fast food, medical services, and funerals.  More money in circulation without printing more makes for a stronger economy.

Economy fixed.


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