New York Times, you have no class

The liberal left never ceases to amaze me with their rudeness and passion for being hateful to anyone who doesn’t agree with their socialist ideology. Tolerance doesn’t actually exist within the liberal mindset.  Take a look at what this sorry excuse for a reporter had to say about Chick-fil-A’s vice president of PR after his untimely death.
The Washington Times reports:
Mark Bittman, a New York Times food critic, admits he used an “inappropriate phrase” in an August 3 blog posting about Chick-fil-A. In fact, it was downright bitter, man, because he seemed to be rejoicing that a vice president of the fast food company had died of a heart attack back in July. …

What he said on August 3 deserved to be excised, too. It was pretty vile. Here is what was removed from the post:

“Speaking of pigs, the VP of PR for Chick-fil-A dropped dead of a heart attack the week after the chain’s latest homophobia/anti-gay marriage scandal. Here’s an obit, and here’s more about him. Meanwhile, Chick-fil-A had record-breaking profits after its President, Dan Cathy, drew a line in the sand over same-sex marriage.”

So where’s the tolerance?  I find it funny the people who claim to the most tolerant are the least so.  Conservatives tend to be more tolerant of other viewpoints without all the protesting, screaming, and saying nasty things all the time.
The New York Times is a worthless rag with pitifully biased writers.

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