Dun dun dun! Another one bites the dust! The 1st Amendment that is.

Little by little, out 1st Amendment is whittled away.

So, there has been another major wound dealt to the First Amendment.  Now, we have free speech zones, we have certain things we can’t say, certain pages on Facebook get deleted for having certain values (Chick-fil-A) and now a reporter in Pennsylvania has been barred from interviewing potential voters at an Obama rally.

Breitbart.com reports:
Obama campaign officials barred a Pennsylvania reporter from talking to people who were in line to attend an Obama rally.

The reporter, Dave Davies, wrote that “during the two-hour wait for the rally to begin, I wanted to talk to some of the supporters attending the event,” but was told, “You can’t be interviewing people in line,” by an Obama campaign official.

“My experience Thursday at a Michelle Obama event in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania was a first,” Davies wrote. “Obama campaign operatives barred me from talking to voters outside the event, to the point of interfering with my interviews and grabbing my microphone.”

At one point, Davies writes his microphone was grabbed and when he again tried to speak to a different couple who were approaching the line.  A different campaign official approached him and took away his microphone without identifying himself. 

One attendee whom Davies tried to interview said the Obama campaign’s tactics were “un-American.” 

Dick Polman, national political writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer, a 20-year veteran of national politics, told Davies that, “I’ve never had that experience, ever, and I’m talking about Republicans and Democrats, in the primaries, in the general election.”

This is just another sign of the changing times and what needs to be done to get our country back.  The current administration is bullying everyone from law enforcement to politicians to reporters to everyday Joes.

It’s time for conservative and liberals, alike, to stand and fight for our rights.  I don’t care if you’re pro-life or pro-choice.  It makes no difference to me if you’re pro-gun or you think they’re the scorge of the earth.  I couldn’t care less if you’re for gay rights or you think they’re all going to Hell and should be treated as 2nd class citizens. 

What I do care about are your rights to think and say what you will.  What I do believe is that if you let… no, if WE let… this country of our go this direction; if we let our Constitution die, then our Republic is dead.

What makes those of you who wish to restrict the rights of others who don’t believe as you do, that any law YOU get passed restricting rights won’t later be used on you?

Don’t be a fool.  If the government tells Tea Party rallies they have to move their gathering to a location where they won’t disrupt someone’s day, they’ll do the same to OWS.

If they’re willing to tell a reporter he can’t interview people waiting in line at an Obama rally, what makes you think you’re safe from them telling you what you can or can’t post online?  What makes you think the news agencies are going to be able to give you real news, regardless of who you like to watch or listen to?

This isn’t new, people.  Rememebr the man protesting police brutality against minorities?

People, it’s time to fight back.  If you’re not fighting already, you better start.  Write your congress members; vote the bad guys out and put the good guys in; be loud and vocal about your rights.  It doesn’t matter what side of the fence you’re on.  It doesn’t matter of you bleed red or blue, because right now, we should all bleed red, white, and blue.



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