Rock star helps a wounded vet

Very rarely does a rock star, or any other musician, show themselves as patriotic.  Rarely do you see them do anything for conservative values or causes.  Those musicians who are conservative, generally, stay out of the lime light with their giving.  You’ll see the liberal stars giving money out, but they call the press first to show what “good deed” they’re doing.

I tend to see people like Toby Keith doing things for soldiers.  Greg Kinear has his things he does.  Even Alice Cooper has professed his preference for the Right.

But what happens when a Detroit rocker gets word there’s a wounded soldier moving into Michigan?  Now, before, I give his name, I’ve known tis guy is a conservative for quite a while.  You’ve seen him on TV, heard his music, probably sang along, too.  His name is Bob Ritchie.

Now, I know some of you know who that is and others are thinking, “who the hell is that?”  You know him better as Kid Rock.  Read what this great American patriot did recently.  From Fox News:

A wounded war veteran and his wife looking for a new house in Michigan were in for a surprise when they walked into a model home and found their friends, family and musician Kid Rock waiting inside.

The Grammy-nominated rocker, along with nonprofit Operation Finally Home and representatives from Pulte Homes, presented Sgt. Davin Dumar and his wife Dana with a mortgage-free 2,600-square-foot property that will be finished by the end of 2012, The Oakland Press reports.

“First of all, welcome home,” Rock said. “You are going to receive a fully-furnished home, top to bottom. Thank you for your service.”

Operation Finally Home is a nonprofit that builds homes for wounded war veterans returning from service. The organization has built 50 homes in 11 states over a period of seven years, the Detroit News reports.

“I don’t know what to say other than shock and amazement,” Dumar, who lost a leg to amputation after being injured in a 2011 attack in Afghanistan, told the Oakland Press.

Kid Rock met the nonprofit’s founder at a past event and suggested he provide homes for injured troops from Michigan.

The construction costs of the Dumars’ new home, to be built in Macomb, will be donated by Pulte Homes.

This, too me, was touching.  It’s not often you see a guy like Kid Rock reach out like this and make such a strong statement of support toward our American heroes.


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