Religion of Peace rears its ugly head once again!

How often do you hear Muslims demanding they be treated with tolerance and respect?  Then they turn and demand more for themselves and less for everyone else.  They want to put a mosque at Ground Zero, have their own schools, even have their own set of laws inside the US.  Now, in Pakistan, a young Christian girl with Down syndrome may be put to death for having burnt Islamic pages in her possession.

Fox News reports:

A Christian girl with Down syndrome could be punished by death in Pakistan after she was spotted holding burned pages of Islamic text in public, activists and police say.

The girl, identified by police as Rimsha, was arrested on blasphemy charges and is being detained in Islamabad ahead of a court appearance before the end of the month, AFP reports.

Defaming Islam, the Koran or the Prophet Muhammed is a capital offense in Pakistan.

After the incident, religious tensions and rallies involving Muslim protesters forced Christians to temporarily flee Mehrabad, the Islamabad neighborhood where Rimsha resides, a senior official of All Pakistan Minorities Alliance told AFP.

A Pakistani police officer, Zabi Ullah, said Monday that the girl was arrested Thursday after hundreds of neighbors, angry over reports she had allegedly burned religious papers, gathered outside her house.

“About 500-600 people had gathered outside her house in Islamabad, and they were very emotional, angry, and they might have harmed her if we had not quickly reacted,” he said.

The Women’s Action Forum, a Pakistan rights group, blasted the arrest and accused police of not letting lawyers meet Rimsha in custody.

“WAF is outraged at the total inhumanity of the men who lodged the First Information Report in the police,” a spokeswoman for the group told AFP.

But some police officials doubt reports that Rimsha burned parts of the Koran.

Qasim Niazi said when the girl was brought to the police station she had a shopping bag that contained various religious and Arabic-language papers that had been partly burned, but no Koran.

Another police officer said the matter would likely be dropped once the investigation is completed and the atmosphere is defused, saying there was “nothing much to the case.” He did not want to be identified due to the sensitivity of the case.

There also are varying reports on Rimsha’s age and whether she is mentally handicapped. Zabi Ullah, a Pakistan police officer, said she is 16, while other officials have said she is either 12 or 11. Niazi said that when the girl was brought to the police station she was scared and unable to speak normally, but he did not know whether she is mentally handicapped.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

So, here’s my take on it.  The Muslims want to kill anyone who doesn’t agree with their religious philosophy.  They want to force the rest of the world to comply to their demands while the blatantly disrespect the beliefs and lives of those who dare to disagree with the Muslim majority.

Could you imagine if we persecuted people here for having different beliefs?  I mean that from a legal or constitutional stand point.  I say we give nothing more to these animals until they begin treating Christians and Jews with dignity.

I say no more giving these people… these intolerant monsters… these hate-filled d-bags…. anything at all until they honestly come out of the Dark Ages and tolerate others as they ask to be tolerated.

No more money to Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, or any other Mideast country tht acts like this.  No more defense help.  Get us out of their countries and let them fend for themselves.  I mean totally out, as in no dimplomatic ties at all.

All they do is sell us their oil and cheaply made, crappy, products anyway.


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