Obama is our Pontius Pilate

Pontius Pilate by Michael Yazijan

I mean that in the most obvious way.  I mean that Obama is whipping the Americans, bringing us to our economic knees, and killing us by killing our constitution.  I am not comparing us to Christ.

If you look at the similarities here… now follow me.  The Jews of Christ’s time have been replaced by the anti-semitic UN and pro-Palestinian liberals in the US.  They continually tell Obama to do things that strip us of our rights and he puts those requests into motion, thus killing our liberties.  The Left pushes and pushes for more government control and less individual freedom all the time.

Things like the NDAA, ObamaCare, and the UN gun treaty are all examples of the crooked bureaucrats to push their global tyrannical agenda on the sovereignty of other countries.  They’ve made their focus on several countries, but right now, they’re honed in on the US.  They have for several years now.

Self rightgeous and arrogant are two of the qualities of Ol’ Barry that I see when I think of Pontius.  Do you remember the Mel Gibson movie, The Passion of the Christ?  Great movie, but that’s Obama in many cases.  He has no real mind of his own, he means to inflict his own vision on others, he washes his hands of the needs of most Americans (catering to the few that he can eventually use for his own gain), and he just looks like a jerk.

He acts more like a dictator in training than a president.  Have you seen the latest changes to the US Dept of State website? 

Fox News reports:

The State Department has started to replace its just-the-facts online profiles of foreign countries with new ones that appear to largely highlight U.S. relations since President Obama took office — a move that comes on top of efforts to update the official profiles of past presidents with Obama-themed factoids. 

For example, the previous State Department profile on Brazil was 4,100 words and included a litany of facts about the country’s history and demographic details. 

It has since been replaced with a 2,100-word version that no longer includes such analytical information as the country’s size, population and gross domestic product. However, the new U.S. embassy-written version twice mentions Obama by name and cites several of his initiatives. 

“Education cooperation continues to thrive as President Obama’s ‘100,000 Strong in the Americans’ goal and Brazilian President Rousseff’s ‘Science without Borders’ initiative create opportunities for new academic and research partnerships,” the new profile reads in part. 

The State Department, though, disputed the idea that politics played a part in the changes. 

“There’s no merit to the idea there’s a political motive,” an agency spokeswoman told FoxNews.com. She also pointed out the new profiles include links to the old ones and said they provide a resource for people interested in “the state of U.S. relationships.” 

It’s not uncommon for even the older State Department pages to mention the policies of the president at the time. But the new versions at times play down other administrations’ contributions. 

The new profiles for at least five sub-Sahara African countries make no mention of the program started by President George W. Bush in 2004 to fight the AIDS epidemic in that region. The previous profile for Tanzania, for example, noted Bush’s efforts and that the program — called the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief — had through 2011 helped provide $1.8 billion for HIV and AIDS care and prevention. 

However, the new profiles for Tanzania and Uganda mention only “the president’s efforts” to combat AIDS.   

Over at the South Africa page, though, the Obama administration’s movement on the anti-AIDS front is prominent. 

“In 2010, Secretary Clinton and South African Prime Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane signed a Partnership Framework, creating a five-year plan to tackle HIV/AIDS in South Africa through the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR),” the site says. 

Roberts called the revisions to take out Bush’s efforts “egregious.” 

“And does this set thing up for future revisions? The profiles should show an interest over many decades, as opposed to political immediacy,” he said. 

He called the changes “yet another taxpayer-subsidized campaign commercial for the Obama administration.” 

Look at any dictatorship and you’ll see that the president, king, glorious leader, golden shower boy, whatever they call their guy puts himself into just about every aspect of his people’s lives.  It looks as if that’s happening here.  Hell, there was aven an American flag made with Obama’s face in place of the field of stars.


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