Something I’ve noticed for a while…

There’s something I’ve noticed and I think I really need to discuss it.  I have a problem keeping my mouth shut when it comes to people being stupid or acting moronic.  Yeah, I’m in one of those moods and I’ll explain why in a minute.

I overheard a conversation today that about really set me off on an “are you really that stupid” rant.  Ok, You’re going to think I’m over reacting, but follow me here.  They were talking about ticks.  Yeah, you know, the dirty little bugs that eat on ya.  The discussion was about Rocky Mountian Spotted Fever.  The ladies in my area were trying to decide if only certain kinds of tick carry the disease or if all do.  Fair enough, right?  The different kinds of ticks they were trying to differinciate between were “the kinds that get on dogs or the kind that get on deer.”  I, politely, stated that they are the same ticks.  One of the ladies piped up that they were, in fact, not the same; that only ticks with white spots get on deer and other ticks get on dogs.

Mistakenly, I chuckled and was immediately asked why I laughed.  I stated that although there are several kinds of ticks they are all blood-sucking parasites, all can carry disease, and all will get on both, dogs and deer, as well as people.  I was told I was wrong and that ticks are particular about what they get on.

This isn’t the first time, either.  Another example is I hear these people talking about stuff they hear on the news.  They were talking about a some news story the other day and had the facts so screwed up it confused the other ladies near them.  The next thing that happened was that all 4 women debated the story for about 15 minutes. 

I finally forwarded the news story to them to settle their debate.  After reading  the story, they all decided something wasn’t right and the debate turned to the news reporters sources.

Have you ever read a comic strip that wasn’t really that funny, or just pretty much sucked, but you read it every day hoping to find something funny?  That’s what it’s like at my work.  Can’t help but hearing the conversations, don’t really want to hear it, but just can’t stop listening in hopes that something intelligent will come out of their mouths.

And don’t get me started on their political speech.  Holy cow!  Even though Obama came out and said the whole thing with Romney being responsible for a woman’s death wasn’t true, they still insist Romney should go to jail for it.  They spout out liberal talking points without even thinking about it like parrots asking for crackers.


The point here, folks, is the lack of critical thinking.  Questioning


One Comment to “Something I’ve noticed for a while…”

  1. Sounds like a pissing contest at your work. It doesn’t matter if there are several or one kind of tick out there. I won’t risk anything and be careful and use Deet or whatever is safe for
    my family.

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