Some important skills to learn

Generally, this site is dedicated to politics, but this article is about something a little different.  There are some skills that everyone needs to know and some that are good to know on top of that.  For example, first aid and CPR are 2 skills everyone should know.  Other skills such as hunting, fishing, game processing, and gardening are good to know and could be very beneficial.  Basically, everybody needs to know how to survive in a situation that prevents them from going to the store and just buying what they need.

Now, I’m not saying that you should go prepare for living out of a tent in the middle of the woods somewhere, but you never know where life may take you and what may happen while you’re there.  That being said, we’re going to discuss what to do in urban environments first and then we’ll take a trip out to the countryside.

Lets look at the upcoming fall and winter.  Many of you live in areas that get ice and snow.  I, for example, live in an area that loses power occasionally in heavy ice storms.  What do you do if you’re at home and a large storm moves in, you wake the next morning to find there is no heat or power, the roads are covered in ice or snow and you’re not going to go anywhere.  The temerature will drop pretty fast in your home, so what do you do to stay warm enough to not freeze to death.  That doesn’t mean you’ll be comfortable, but you’ll be alive.

First, make sure you have plenty of blankets to layer over you.  It’s not the blankets themselves that keep you warm, but the voids between the layers.  That’s why dressing in layers keeps you warmer than just a heavy coat.  If you live with others, then cuddle up.  Yes, guys, even if its you and a roommate, cuddle up to stay warm if the temps drop enough.

Now, obviously, if you have a fireplace or wood burning stove, you’ll light a fire and be just fine, but lets say you don’t have either, what do you do?  You bundle up.  Don’t be stupid and try to start a fire in a home without the proper set up.

Now, what about food and water?  Generally, you will still have water, but make sure as fall approaches you really begin to stock up on extra food and water.  There’s no need to chance frozen pipes, forcing you to go without hydration.  Even cold water in a frozen house is better than no water at all.  Your body needs hydration to stay warm whether the water is freezing cold or scalding hot.  Ideally, water will be a moderate temperature, but water is water, regardless.

Good batteries and a weather radio, flashlight, things to keep your mind busy, etc are great to have to make it through the outage.  make sure you keep a good attitude.  No one wants to sit there and listen to someone whine about the situation everyone is in and being positive will help lower the stress of being in that situation.  Before you know it, you won’t be so cold and miserable.

Now, what about if you’re out on a hunting trip or traveling and you get stranded.  First, if you’re near your car or truck, stay in it if it’s safe to do so and keep the engine running if feasible.  You have to stay warm while you can.  If you’re in a position that you cannot get back to your vehicle, you have to shelter down and get warm and dry.

Carry kindling with you, just a small amount in a snuff can, can be of tremendous help in staying warm.  Burn bans be damned when your life is on the line, just don’t burn down the whole area.

Carry food and water in your car or truck with you.  A signal mirror, cell phone, blankets, lighter, matches, flashlight, and other.

Learn to survive!

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