All this over a film? Aren’t they over doing it just a bit?

You’ve heard for the last few days that US embassies in Muslim countries are being attacked in response to a low-budget film portraying Muhammad in a less than glorious light.  The attacks were even used as cover for terrorists to kill Americans in Libya.

Well, aren’t they over doing it just a little?  I mean seriously, a guy makes a movie and one pastor endorses it and the whole Muslim world goes crazy.  They blame all Americans for the actions of a few.  That’s like a white man hating all blacks because he was robbed by one black man.  It doesn’t mean all blacks are going to rob you, it was just the one man.  Its like Democrats hating all Republicans because of two morons throwing peanuts at a black camera woman.  Doesn’t really happen so much in the western world.  Why is it that this sort of thing is so  constant in the Mideast?

They claim to be the religion of peace, but they tend to show anything but peace when you insult them, whether it’s intentional or not.  Have you seen how they punish people of crimes?  They sever hands from people who steal, kill women for adultry; and the stoning!  It’s not like they throw stones at you while you run away.  They stick you in the ground with just your head poking out and then throw rocks at you until you’re dead!  And these people judge the rest of the world as inferior? 

These cultures are still stuck in the Dark Ages and it seems there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.  In fact, in recent years, it seems to be getting darker over there.

Now, what about the assaults in Egypt.  The US officially backed the new Egyptian government.  We praised their Arab Spring, well, the Left did, most ont he Right were leary; we provided Libyan rebels support in their battle to topple the government and now, the populations of both countries turned on us over the views of a few.

The Left here in the US calls us on the right extremists?  Maybe they should look to their buddies in the Mideast.  They’re a shining example of extremism.

With all that said, what do we do, as a country, about this violence against our interests and people in the region?  Do we use military action, sanctions, clandestine?  Or do we do none of that?  How about all three?

I have an idea.  We sanction the life out of them, while mounting our military on their borders.  Meanwhile we have a bunch of 007s running around knocking off high ranking officials.

Once the leadership had the morale has been damaged, the military moves in and wipes out all of the last remaining enemies. 

Done.  Folks, these extremists are trying to bring about the war to end all wars in their mind.  I say we finish them off before they can ramp it up to a bigger fight.


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